Broc Blegen, Coming Out Party, installation view, 2012

Broc Blegen and Binod Shrestha

October 19, 2012 - December 30, 2012
MAEP Galleries
Free Exhibition

Coming Out Party: Broc Blegen

All of the works in Coming Out Party are copies, made in exacting detail by Broc Blegen or hired fabricators, of important works by well-established contemporary artists. He has researched and chosen works that can be accurately duplicated so that they come very close to replicating the form and experience of the original piece. They are also objects chosen for their conceptual content and context. In this exhibition, he focuses on pieces that explore issues of gender, sexuality, and identity politics. He is interested in the economics of art and art making, and considers the objects he has created as part of his personal collection.

Download the exhibition brochure of Broc Blegan’s Coming Out Party (pdf)

Remnants and Rumination: Binod Shrestha

As a young art student growing up in Nepal, Binod Shrestha marched in a quest for democracy and later witnessed years of civil war between Maoist rebels and the ruling monarchy. Taking frequent trips to visit family and friends in Nepal over the years, he has returned with recorded testimonies from others who have seen and suffered the violence firsthand. In Remnants and Rumination, dozens of his earthenware pots have been punctured and torn apart, as metaphors for the collective human bodies who have suffered from intense physical and political pressures.

Download the exhibition brochure of Binod Shrestha’s Remnants and Rumination (pdf)

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