Luke Aleckson, U.N.P.A.C. 2000, detail, acrylic and plywood, 2012

Luke Aleckson and Justin Quinn

July 20, 2012 - September 30, 2012
MAEP Galleries
Free Exhibition

U.N.P.A.C. (Uniform Non-coding Parallax Autostereogrammic Cyclopti-cryptograms): Luke Aleckson

Despite all of its complex functions the human brain can be tricked quite easily. Looking at two identical images placed next to each other will create a remarkably convincing three-dimensional image. Stereograms are graphics containing two images, one seen from the perspective of each eye. When they are looked at in a certain way, their encoded images come off the page. Luke Aleckson’s “UNPAC (Uniform Non-Coding Parallax Autostereogrammic Cyclopti-crytograms)” is based on the same stereogram technology as “Magic Eye.” He is interested in how these low-tech images are designed to encode then release information. By themselves, the wall-mounted sculptures in his exhibition U.N.P.A.C. are complex wood abstractions carved using a home-made router. But when they are viewed as stereograms, the image he has inserted into the piece appears.

Download the exhibition brochures of Luke Aleckson’s U.N.P.A.C. (pdf)

Deeper Wonders Than the Waves: Justin Quinn

Quinn’s sprawling drawings, prints, and book pages are covered with thousands of capitalized letter Es. He has arranged them variously by size, shape, geometric pattern, and even architectural detail, yet there is logic to his process. Each drawing starts with methodically transcribed passages from classical literature, most notably “Moby Dick”. Quinn then counts out all the characters on the page, replacing each with a single E. Although it is impossible to read the original text, Quinn preserves some of the syntactical information, including punctuation and paragraph shapes that allude to yet cannot reveal his source material.

Download the exhibition brochure of Justin Quinn’s Deeper Wonders Than the Waves (pdf)

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