Gregory Fitz, Seven Billion, installation view, 2012

Gregory Fitz, Katelyn Farstad and David Frohlich

April 20, 2012 - July 1, 2012
MAEP Galleries
Free Exhibition

Seven Billion: Gregory Fitz

Seven Billion is the debut of Fitz’s ambitious three-part installation, comprising DayGlo gestural landscapes, paintings made after Ansel Adams photographs, and cinder-block table sculptures. The artist’s work is made from economical materials such as insulation foam and chipboard, and he works quickly. By doing so, he intends to reveal his decision-making process as a counterpoint to the legacy left by modern painters and sculptors. This leaves his work wide open for questions about the sacred value given to art, the environmental concerns of art-making, and the emphasis placed on craft and presentation.

Download the exhibition brochure of Gregory Fitz’s Seven Billion (pdf)

Isohyet, Isopleth: Katelyn Farstad and David Frohlich

Isohyet, Isopleth is the second collaborative installation by Farstad and Frohlich. The title of the exhibition is borrowed from meteorological terms for lines drawn on a map to connect two or more points that share similar data. For these artists, working together on a single exhibition, the words allude to what might happen when different work styles merge in a single space. This show comprises new paintings, prints, and sculptures, in various media. Through these works, audiences will have access to the artists’ expanded practices and will learn how they use concepts of idle time and desperation in their work.

Download the exhibition brochure of Katelyn Farstad’s and David Frohlich’s Isohyet, Isopleth (pdf)

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