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Memorias del Futuro (Memories of the Future)

November 10, 2018 - January 11, 2019
Community Commons

“They say we are made of atoms,
but a little bird told me that we are made of stories.”
Eduardo Galeano

“Memories of the Future” is an exhibition of photographs and accompanying stories that pay tribute to elders of Latinx origin who live in Minnesota. It was conceived as part of Mia’s ongoing partnership with Centro Tyrone Guzman, as well as the New York City–based Tenement Museum’s digital project Your Story, Our Story. Artist Xavier Tavera captured the portraits, and Macalaster professor Teresa Mesa gathered and transcribed the stories. Their goal was to contribute to the nation’s migration history new narratives and images of empowerment and joy, struggle and sadness, of faith and family. Together, these stories are lessons of strength and humility. By sharing their migration stories with dignity and pride, these individuals cast a light on the humanity of a community that has become a part of our greater Minnesotan population.

These memories are their legacy. Their stories are our shared history.