Dave Muller: Now Where Were We. Dave Muller; Bloom Speil (A Decade of Jazz Volume One), 2014; Acrylic on paper, part 1 of 15 parts; Courtesy of the artist and Blum & Poe

Now Where Were We?

December 23, 2016 - December 3, 2017
Gallery 369, 373, 374
Free Exhibition

Now Where Were We?

What if an art installation bent the rules? What if it questioned the norms of museum practice by replacing its traditional white walls with colorful murals? Or combined artworks not because they came from the same time or place, but because, together, they spoke to universal themes of human existence: people, places, and things?

Artist Dave Muller asks these questions in Now Where Were We?, his temporary re-installation of Mia’s contemporary art galleries. Muller collaborated with Mia’s staff to explore its vast collection, selecting and combining artworks from very different times and places. He then integrated them into the new visual context of his hand-painted murals. Muller’s extensive music collection streams through a listening station in the galleries, adding to the eclectic atmosphere. We hope you’ll consider these artworks in a new way, beyond their original time and place, and join in the conversations that arise from this new configuration.

Generous support for Now Where Were We? is provided by the Mary Ingebrand-Pohlad Charitable Foundation.