Art is Learning

To lose mobility, to lose companionship, to lose touch—too often, aging can be isolating. It can make you feel invisible, even to yourself.

Mia’s “creative aging” workshops are creative and social outlets for people over 60. The themes range from memory quilts to graffiti art—yes, octogenarians wielding cans of spray paint—but the result is often the same: a sense of empowerment and belonging.

One participant shared that she had “lost a part of herself” over the years—the playful, creative part. The class helped renew her identity. Another woman said she often feels nervous in public, a sense that she’s being judged or is unable to keep up. To be in a class with her peers was freeing. It gave her the confidence to get out more.

In a country that celebrates youth and independence, ageism
is endemic. And as the older share of the population grows, the problem is becoming widespread. For Mia, addressing the issue goes beyond mere continuing education to embracing principles of equity and inclusion, and to truly realize our core value of making art accessible to all.

Past Stories

Art is Learning 2018

schoolchildren seem ubiquitous at Mia, gathered in the galleries, trooping to their buses. But in fact, only a small fraction of Minnesota classrooms are able to visit Mia each year. Which is why Art Adventure is an increasingly important way to bring the museum to students.

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