Exhibition Update: Anish Kapoor: Reverie and Rupture

April 18, 2024—The special exhibition Anish Kapoor: Reverie and Rupture, previously scheduled for Fall 2024, has been postponed to provide Mia and the artist, Sir Anish Kapoor, additional time to achieve his vision. Given the size and scale of many of Kapoor’s works, the limitations of Mia’s historic building, and the technical complexities of some installations, this pause will ensure the best outcomes for the exhibition, the artist, Mia, and museum visitors.

“While it is unfortunate that we need to delay our presentation of Reverie and Rupture, I am so grateful to Anish Kapoor and his studio for working with Mia to bring his vision to fruition. We look forward to continuing our work together to share this ambitious exhibition with our audiences,” said Katie Luber.

Anish Kapoor stated, “I am grateful to the team at Mia for their continued dedication to the goals and vision of the show. This pause will help to ensure that we make an exhibition that is right for the work and the space of the museum .”

New exhibition dates will be announced as soon as possible.