References Suggested by Mia’s Interfaith Advisors

Mia formed a local advisory group representing Christian (Roman Catholic and Lutheran), Jewish, and Muslim perspectives to help us avoid bias in the content of this exhibition, accurately describe religious conflicts, and address difficult topics raised by some of Luther’s writings.

Members of the advisory group suggested the following resources for further reading.

While the religious arguments of the 1500s may seem distant, present-day rhetoric around religion remains dangerously divisive. Perceiving those with different beliefs as the “other,” as Luther wrote of Jews and Muslims, still happens and negatively impacts the lives of our neighbors and community members.

Through honest and respectful dialogue, our advisors are working toward a more inclusive society, and believe that exhibitions such as this one can foster similar conversations leading to understanding and empathy. We encourage you to have those conversations and find what binds us together—while celebrating our differences.
We sincerely thank our advisors for their time, openness, and thoughtful contributions:

Rabbi Norman Cohen, Rabbi Emeritus, Bet Shalom Congregation
Mary Jane Haemig, ThD, Professor of Church History and Director of the Reformation Research Program, Luther Seminary

Steve Hunegs, Executive Director, Jewish Community Relations Council for Minnesota and the Dakotas

Reverend Darrell Jodock, PhD, Professor Emeritus, Gustavus Adolphus College

Johan van Parys, PhD, Director of Liturgy and the Sacred Arts at the Basilica of Saint Mary

Hanadi Shehabeddine, Communication Expert and Speaker, Islamic Resource Group

Carol Throntveit, Director of Adult Education and Ministries, Mount Olivet Lutheran Church

Resources Suggested by Hanadi Shehebbedine, Communication Expert and Speaker, Islamic Resource Group

The Islamic Resource Group (IRG)
www.irgmn.orgNorthwest Islamic Community Center of Minnesota Masjid An-Nur Mpls | The Mosque of the Light , Minneapolis, MN The Muslim Experience in Minnesota, from the Islamic Resource Group (IRG) Print resources
– Islam: A Short History by Karen Armstrong, 2002
– Vision of Islam by Sachiko Murata, 2006
– Quran
– Approaching the Qur’an: The Early Revelations by Michael Sells, 2007
– The Study Quran: A New Translation and Commentary edited by Seyyed H. Nasr et al., 2015.
– Muhammad
– Muhammad: A Prophet for our Time by Karen Armstrong, 2007
– The Oxford History of Islam by John Esposito, 1999
– 1001 Inventions: The Enduring Legacy of Muslim Civilization by Salim T. S. Al-Hassani, 2012
– Thomas Jefferson’s Quran: Islam and the Founders by Denise L. Spellberg, 2013
– Muslims in the US
– The Autobiography of Malcolm X by Malcolm X and Alex Haley, 2001
– The Soul of a Butterfly: Reflections on Life’s Journey by Muhammad Ali, 2013
– A Muslim in Victorian America: The Life of Alexander Russell Webb by Umar F. Abd-Allah, 2006
– Prince among Slaves by Terry Alford, 2007
– Other media resources
– PBS Documentary “Islam: Empire of Faith”, 2001
– PBS Documentary “Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet”, 2002
– PBS Documentary “Prince Among Slaves”, 2007
– National Geographic Documentary “Inside Mecca”, 2012
– Movie “The Message: The Story of Islam”, 1977

Resources suggested by Carol Throntveit, Director of Adult Education and Ministries, Mount Olivet Lutheran Church
“Luther and Contemporary Inter-Religious Relations”

A piece produced by the Consultative Panel on Lutheran-Jewish Relations of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA)
Luther and Contemporary Inter-Religious Relations

“Declaration of Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) to the Jewish Community”
Declaration of the ELCA to the Jewish Community

“Martin Luther and the Jews – questions and answers” by Bernd Buchner
Posted on the German government’s website commemorating the 500th anniversary

“Beyond Luther: Toward a Prophetic Interfaith Dialogue for Life”
From the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan and the Holy Land

“The Controversial Luther” by Scott H. Hendrix
Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary, Columbia, South Carolina
From the Journal Word & World, 1984, published by the Luther Seminary, St. Paul, MN.

Print resource
Martin Luther’s Anti-Semitism by Eric W. Gritsch, 2012

Print Resources suggested by Mary Jane Haemig, ThD, Professor of Church History and Director of the Reformation Research Program, Luther Seminary


Martin Luther: Visionary Reformer by Scott H. Hendrix, Yale University Press, 2015

Luther: Man Between God and the Devil by Heiko Oberman, Yale University Press, 1989


Martin Luther: A Very Short Introduction by Scott Hendrix, Oxford University Press, 2010

Martin Luther: Confessor of the Faith by Robert Kolb, Oxford University Press, 2009

The Oxford Handbook of Martin Luther’s Theology edited by Robert Kolb, Irene Dingel, and L”ubomir Batka, Oxford University Press, 2014

On Luther’s polemics

Luther’s Last Battles: Politics and Polemics 1531-46 by Mark U. Edwards, Jr., Cornell University Press, 1983

Luther and the False Brethren by Mark U. Edwards, Jr., Stanford University Press, 1975

On Luther and printing

Printing, Propaganda, and Martin Luther by Mark U. Edwards, Jr., University of California Press, 1994.

Brand Luther by Andrew Pettegree, Penguin, 2015