In this exhibition, simply titled “Sacred,” curators have assembled art from every corner of the world. Although these works span time, distance, and disparate cultures, they share an evolving sense of the sacred.

Each of the ten galleries in the exhibition features an installation or “mini-show” designed around different themes or narratives inspired by the word “sacred.” Conventionally used to describe something or someone imbued with divinity, the word has evolved as societies have become more diverse and secular. What’s sacred today? The word hinges on the speaker: what is sacred is often very personal.

Many of the objects in these galleries were never intended for display in a museum. Taken out of their usual contexts, they ask to be seen differently, posing provocative questions about what is sacred. How does their presence here change our perception of them?

In these juxtapositions, you can explore historical and contemporary expressions of the divine, the spiritual, the essential, and the beloved while reflecting on the meaning of the word “sacred.” What does it mean to you?

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