J. Kevin Byrne
Waiting for VanGogh, Pastel on off-white sketchbook stock, 7x10 inches. Gesture-sketched while doing cappuccino outside MIA ’s coffee bar, completed in pastel back into studio.

Inspired by:

Opportunity: it’s always best to have a sketchbook on hand as random constellations of people and place surely come one’s way.

What does inspiration mean to you?

Exemplified via a quote from Van Gogh himself: “Drawing is something like writing. When one learns to write as a child, one feels that it is impossible ever to master it, and it seems like a miracle when one sees the schoolmaster writing so quickly. That does not alter the fact that one gets the hang of it after all in due course. And I really believe that one must learn to draw in such a way that it goes just as easily as writing something down and that one must have the proportions so clearly in mind and must learn to see in such a way that one can reproduce at will what one sees on a larger or smaller scale.”

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