J. Kevin Byrne
Copying At The 'Tute (sample of 40 sketches from my last four years copying paintings and sculpture in galleries), Mix of media and surfaces. 12 x 12 inches

Inspired by:

MIA’s hosting such copying efforts is a tradition starting with the Louvre (1793)

What does inspiration mean to you?

When I stand in front of the work I enter “the zone” that transports me ofttimes to – well, unknown destinations. To quote: “When [a picture] touches you, reveals you, and surprises you, then it has surpassed every standard and obviously increases all that you have … You feel that it has a presence that is meaningful, either on a formal level or because of its content, but you can’t figure out why. Relax. Stay in suspense, for once you know, you will have to re-enter the arena of the unknown.” (Don Stacy, artist and author)

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