Art in Bloom expert Jay Nuhring offers tips to freshen your house for spring

By Jay Nuhring

Jay Nuhring. Photo by Edition Studios.

Spring is my favorite time of year for many reasons, the least of which are that my birthday is in late April and I love a good spring thunderstorm. The smell of earth after a hard rain makes me hopeful for warmer days. Here are some tips for shedding the winter doldrums and giving your home a fresh, new spring wardrobe.

  1. One of the first things I ask myself when I see a space is, what is weighing the room down? Is it the wall color, the lack of light, the oversize furniture? Sometimes it’s all those things. And sometimes it’s simply the carpet. Carpets can make a room look serious, solemn, or intimidating. Replacing a dark, moody carpet with classic sisal or graphic-patterned flat weave can be transformative. A room can go from dark to delightful in an instant by replacing the area rug.
  2. Just like your wardrobe, rooms have layers too. Consider shedding those extra throws and blankets. Layers add weight, and weight makes a room look bulky and burdened. Removing the buffalo plaid or angora wool will lighten the room and give it a carefree, easy vibe—just like the way spring feels.
  3. Another simple way to wave winter goodbye is to clean out your fireplace. Remove the fireplace tools and screen and store any leftover wood in the garage or garden shed. A room feels wintery when the focus is on building a fire. Instead, neatly stack a bundle of white birch logs as a sign of renewal and rebirth. Redirecting the focus away from the fireplace will allow other architectural features of the room to shine. Same goes for holiday wreaths and dried flowers—goodbye, see you next year.
  4. Nothing is more uplifting than editing and rearranging a room’s accessories and books. A room can look lighter and brighter by simply taking some accessories away and reorganizing a bookshelf. It’s human nature to collect and surround oneself with stuff. I love styling bookcases because it’s a quick way to change the look of a room. Books and collections look refreshed and lighter, and the entire room seems rested and healthy.
  5. Flowers always signal spring’s arrival. A big bunch of cut lilacs or tulips from your garden will help put a little spring in your step and sweep away any remnants of chillier days.

Open the windows. Shake the rugs. Spring is here again.

Jay Nuhring’s creative roles include fine artist, interior designer, house and photo stylist, architectural and art consultant, and real estate agent. He thrives on creating beautiful, composed, articulate, and organized spaces for his clients. Find him at

Top image: A model home with interior design by Jay Nuhring. Photo by