Art in Bloom joins Hirshfield’s Design Resource to spotlight decor and paint trends

By Jay Nuhring

Remember the shiny brass furniture from the early 1980s? And the obsession consumers had with Spanish Oak cabinetry, burnt orange laminate countertops, and earth-tone shag carpet? They’re back!

The year 2020 marks the beginning of a new decade in design, and rightly so—trends have about a 40-year cycle. Out with the cool silvers and nickels and grays. Warm finishes now dominate light fixtures, hardware, and metal furniture, replacing nickel. Silver is being edged out by brushed brass and copper tones.

Textiles are shifting, too. Tones of brown, umber, and caramel in upholstery, leather, and area rugs are emerging as the new modern—a clean aesthetic but without the rigid, sharp lines. And patterns are coming back strong. No longer are we seeing just an accent chair or accessory with pattern. More pieces of upholstery are showing prints and patterns again. Accessories are more meaningful. People want timeless, one-of-a-kind objects that reflect their personality and life story.

When it comes to paint colors for 2020, think bold blues, soft pinks, and strong yellows—colors that suggest independence, confidence, and strength. Here are a few favorites:

Pantone 19-4052 CLASSIC BLUE

As we search for reassurance and serenity, Pantone color Classic Navy does just that. Blue suggests the vast oceans and expansive sky at dusk. These age-old associations are global, grounding, create a sense of calm, and offer hope for a better future.

Hirshfield’s 0864 LIONESS

This bold yellow emanates independence, self-giving, and constant light. As we question reality in a virtual world, we seek new ways to connect. Outspoken and unintimidated, Lioness promotes a sense of belonging and hope.

Benjamin Moore 2102-70 FIRST LIGHT

This soft, rosy hue blooms with inspiration. Just like the new decade, First Light provides a fresh start, a revitalization. It’s hopeful, approachable, disarming, and marks a new era of peace, tranquility, and harmony.

Jay Nuhring is a fine artist, interior designer, house and photo stylist, architectural and art consultant, and real estate agent in the Twin Cities. Find him at