Mia’s 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

By Rita Mehta //

There’s no question that the holidays will be different this year. While there are many things we will miss this year (hugs from family and friends!), I’ve started to focus on tweaking our traditions and creating some new ones to keep our celebrations joyful and safe. 

Spend Time Together, Apart

Friendly Competition
Last year, a Mia team member told me her family holds a puzzle competition when they get together for the holidays. During downtime, everyone completes an Areaware Little Puzzle Thingwhoever does it the fastest wins! This year you could send puzzles to family and “race” during your holiday Zoom, or you could share the same puzzle among family, friends, or neighbors over several days and have everyone share their time at the end. Note: these mini-puzzles are not as easy as they look! You could also play your favorite card game over video chat with a deck inspired by Van Gogh or Picasso.

Holiday Meals
Baking virtually can be difficult—it’s less than pleasant to listen to multiple blenders or timers at once. This year, my family will be baking in advance and decorating cookies together virtually. To make us feel like we are together, I’m planning to send everyone some special sprinkles, homemade vanilla, and, of course, Mia honey made from the beehives on our rooftop!

If your family or friends enjoy cooking the main meal, you can pick a dish from the same cookbook and eat together virtually. Or, if you have family or friends locally, every person could cook one item and deliver something to share—a virtual cookbook club!

Trimming the Tree
Though we can’t decorate together, we can decorate similarly. This year, our ornaments are 20 percent off when you purchase four or more, so you can share your favorite ornaments with your favorite people. Or, make your own ornaments using cut-out paper and glitter glue.

Make it Magical for the Littles (and Easier on Yourself)

Send a favorite book to family for a virtual storytime (which is also a great time to start dinner.)

Send the same stocking stuffers to all the cousins, because Santa gives everyone the same thing no matter where they wake up.

Color on your windows (or glass table or drinkware—anything!). These window markers wipe right off with water and will keep your kids occupied for hours. Draw snowflakes, leave a note for Santa…maybe he’ll even respond.

Say Thank You

This year, more than ever, I am aware of how much I appreciate the people in our lives—teachers, helpers, delivery people, and so many more. Yet I haven’t gotten to know some of them as much as I would have liked, given the protocols. So when I can’t give personalized gifts, I’ll be giving some ‘“nicer necessities”—a thank you card, a Mia face mask, American-made socks inspired by Mia’s collection, soap or hand sanitizer, and of course, a small treat.  

Ditch the Waste

Did you know that most wrapping paper is not recyclable? While we offer recyclable options at The Store, this year I will also be enlisting my little helpers to make wrapping paper, using the excess of packing materials we have on hand from online orders and deliveries. While any marker or crayon will do, these paint markers are vivid and impactful, not to mention washable! 

Thank you for supporting Mia! And remember, Mia members save 10 percent. 

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