Watercolor Resist Painting

You will need:

  • White crayon or oil pastel
  • Paper of any kind—even a scrap will work!
  • Watercolor paints
  • Paint brush(es)
  • Container with water


    1. 1. On the paper, draw using the white crayon or oil pastel. You can draw shapes, designs, squiggles, animals—anything you want.
    2. 2. Using the watercolor paint, paint over the crayon to reveal the design you drew. You can try all one color, lots of different colors, stripes, or blobs.
    3. 3. Let your artwork dry and hang it someplace to admire!

Watch this how-to video to get started

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Ernst Wilhelm Nay, German (1902-1968) Composition, 1958. Watercolor on paper. Gift of Elizabeth, Julie, and Catherine Andrus in memory of John and Marion Andrus 2015.93.188

Alexander Viazmensky, Russian (born 1946). Russula Paludosa, 2000. Watercolor on paper. Gift of the Print and Drawing Curatorial Council, 2002.235.5