Leadership Team

Julianne Amendola is Chief Advancement Officer. During more than 12 years at Mia, she has created and implemented strategies to raise funds from a variety of constituents to support the museum’s mission. She leads the advancement team to successfully raise contributed revenue from individual donors, corporations, and foundations, oversees donor stewardship and fundraising events, and has launched Mia’s innovative membership model.

Karleen Gardner is Director of Learning Innovation and leads strategic initiatives and experiments in learning and interpretation. Through programs, tours, studio classes, and community partnerships, her team creates engaging art experiences that are accessible and relevant for audiences of all ages and abilities. She has been at Mia since 2012 and in the museum education field for 15 years.

Patricia Grazzini is Mia’s Interim Director.  She has been with the museum since 1992, serving as both COO and CFO.  She manages the museum business—both front of house and back of house—with a focus on enhancing the visitor experience.  Her responsibilities include finance & accounting, building operations, security, property acquisition and management, government & community relations,  retail, events, human resources, and strategic planning.

Douglas Hegley is Chief Digital Officer. During more than 20 years in the museum technology field he has helped create collaborative technology environments, set the vision and strategy for technology and digital media, and sought to deeply engage audiences with great stories delivered digitally.

Kristin Prestegaard is Chief Engagement Officer. She oversees the Audience Engagement division, including marketing, public relations, design and editorial, and visitor experience. She plays a lead role in strategizing audience engagement initiatives, and has worked in the marketing field for over 15 years.

Matthew Welch is Deputy Director and Chief Curator. He has been with the museum since 1990, and currently plays a key role in charting the museum’s strategic vision. He is presently overseeing an initiative to optimize the visitor experience through compelling, accessible narratives and welcoming in-gallery experiences. At the same time, he is committed to advancing the museum’s national and international reputation through scholarship, exhibitions, and important acquisitions.

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2018-2019 Board of Trustees

Elective Trustees

Kari Alldredge, Vice Chair
Elizabeth Andrus
Maurice Blanks
Jennie Carlson
Lynn Casey
Page Knudsen Cowles
Kitty Crosby
Ken Cutler
Wendy Dayton
Jane Emison
Nancy Engh
Michael Francis
Gayle Fuguitt
Nick Gangestad
Michael Goar
Hubert Joly
Shannon Jones
Jessamyn Kerchner
Rick King
Richard Kuntz
Roxana Linares
John Lindahl
Reid MacDonald
Donald MacMillan
Nivin MacMillan
Brent Magid
Leni Moore, Secretary
Sheila Morgan
Liz Nordlie, Treasurer
Mary Olson
Piyumi Samaratunga
Tom Schreier
Marianne Short
Katie Simpson
Sharon Smith-Akinsanya
Mike Snow
Kevin Warren
Yusuf Wazirzada
Jane Wilf
David Wilson, Board Chair

Life Trustees

Burton D. Cohen
Beverly Grossman
Alfred Harrison
David M. Lebedoff
Bob Ulrich

Trustees by Virtue of Office

Tim Walz, Governor, State of Minnesota

Jacob Frey, Mayor, City of Minneapolis

Kari Dziedzic, Minnesota State Senator

Julie Rosen, Minnesota State Senator

Jerry Hertaus, Minnesota State Representative

Ryan Winkler, Minnesota State Representative

Jan Callison, Chair, Hennepin County Board of Commissioners

Brad Bourn, President, Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board

Maria Eggemeyer, President, Friends of the Institute

For information regarding Mia’s Board of Trustees, please contact:

Nicole Berns
Senior Executive Assistant
(612) 870-3043