Symmetrical design of plants, insects, birds, and amphibians in bright colors.
Christi Belcourt (Métis, born 1966), It's a Delicate Balance, 2021, acrylic on canvas. Gift of Funds from Andy and Meg Ubel in honor of Mia's Docent class of 2015. ©Christi Belcourt

Commercial Floral Artist Inspiration Statements for Art in Bloom 2024

Commercial Floral Artist’s displays throughout the museum and outdoors each interpret Art in Bloom’s 2024 Signature Artwork, It’s a Delicate Balance, shown above and on view in Gallery 301. Our Commercial Floral Artists share what has inspired their creative floral designs.

101 Market/Petals to Pines

Museum Location: Gallery 280

Floral designers: Georgia Edgington and Amber Trittabaugh

From the designers: We loved the dotty pattern of the art piece and worked at using circular motion and enhancing items to bring attention to the dots. But also, the elements themselves in the piece, we wanted to replicate in our interpretation, like moss, ferns, willow, pods. The colors speak for themselves! We hope you enjoy our interpretation and see yourself wandering visually into our floral interpretation.

About 101 Market/Petals to Pines: “Our Petals Do the Talking!” We are a full-service family-owned floral shop in Otsego, specializing in unique, custom-designed arrangements. Let us help you express your feelings by using “The Season’s Best” for all your floral needs. 763.441.4487

A Precious Petals Florist

Museum Location: Gallery 200

Floral designers: Reba Berge, Steve Weber, Cynthia Porter

From the designers: We were inspired to create a vertical axis in the center of our design and gradually display a repeating pattern of color and form as we expressed the delicate balance of Christi Belcourt’s artwork in the beauty of flowers.

About A Precious Petals Florist: A Premier Florist in West St. Paul.

Arts and Flowers Design Studio

Museum Location: Lobby

Floral designer: Arts and Flowers Design Team

From the designer: Our inspiration for this design originated in the vibrant pops of color and organic, natural shapes found in Christi Belcourt’s piece. We used color enhanced craspedia, commonly known as billy buttons, to mimic this effect, interpreting different color combinations from the painting to create three-dimensional fantasy flowers. In this way, the art is brought full-circle, from a two-dimensional work inspired by vivid, indigenous beadwork, to three-dimensional reality, evoking the spirit and energy of the original.

About Arts and Flowers Design Studio: Arts & Flowers is a full-service flower design studio conveniently located in St. Louis Park. Our long-lasting “instantly recognizable” arrangements feature the freshest quality flowers from all over the world as well as locally grown products. Follow our process @artsandflowers (instagram). 952.920.8415


Museum Location: Gallery 235

Floral designers: Jennifer Bevan, Jamie McLaughlin, Mayumi Redin and Sandra Ochoa

From the designers: We want to use the artist’s love of nature by using natural materials and colorful blooms to create a natural flow and rhythm. Bold color, interesting textures and the feel of water.

About Bachman’s: Bachman’s began in 1885 and offers fresh flowers, green and blooming indoor and garden plants, garden supplies, gifts, and home décor in the Twin Cities metro area and beyond. Bachman’s has locations on Lyndale Avenue in Minneapolis and in Apple Valley, Maplewood, Plymouth, Eden Prairie, and Fridley. Our flowers and plants are also available throughout the area in Lunds & Byerlys stores. Shop Bachman’s in-store or online for in-store pickup or local same-day delivery to the metro area, and nationwide delivery to select locations.


Museum Location: Gallery 301

Floral designer: Mayumi Redin

From the designer: I’m inspired by Chtisti Belcourt’s dedication to the natural world in her work. Her use of color and motion create harmony.

About Bachman’s: Bachman’s began in 1885 and offers fresh flowers, green and blooming indoor and garden plants, garden supplies, gifts, and home décor in the Twin Cities metro area and beyond. Bachman’s has locations on Lyndale Avenue in Minneapolis and in Apple Valley, Maplewood, Plymouth, Eden Prairie, and Fridley. Our flowers and plants are also available throughout the area in Lunds & Byerlys stores. Shop Bachman’s in-store or online for in-store pickup or local same-day delivery to the metro area, and nationwide delivery to select locations.

Everflora Twin Cities

Museum Location: Gallery 200

Floral designer: Julie Harstad

From the designer: Floral design, like Belcourt’s painting, begins with our natural surroundings.

The first thing I noticed in It’s a Delicate Balance was the plant life and the knowledge that these plants support the life around them. The plants and leaves in my design become the support, the canvas for similar designs found in the Métis beadwork technique of painting used by Belcourt. Its beauty is both simple and complex, like our natural surroundings.

About Everflora Twin Cities: Everflora Twin Cities is proud to be part of a long tradition of providing the floral industry with the highest quality products and services. We invest in our customers’ success by providing exemplary service and knowledge of the floral industry while focusing on improving the quality, cost, and timeliness of the products our customers depend on to achieve their success. Our staff of highly qualified personnel work diligently to support local retail florists with the highest quality cut flowers, plants and hardgoods.

Fleurs de Lee

Museum Location: Gallery 200

Floral designers: Darwin Lee and Jenny LeDoux

About Fleurs de Lee: A delightful local florist and plant shop in South Minneapolis specializing in providing beautiful blooms and greenery for your home and garden. Formerly Petersen Flowers, in July 2020 the business was sold to Darwin Lee, a former Minneapolis Public Schools educator. Today Fleurs de Lee is run by Darwin and his daughter-in-law and assistant florist, Jenny LeDoux. They believe everyone should have flowers in their lives every day and strive to offer the freshest flowers at the best prices possible. Whether you’re looking for fresh flowers, unique plants, or edible ornamentals, Fleurs de Lee has you covered!

Flower Happy Hour

Museum Location: Third Avenue Entrance

Floral designer: Erica Krumm

From the designer: I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to interpret this beautiful art piece through floral design. I’m honored to think about and explore the artist, Christi Belcourt’s vision. I want to create something that continues to move and shift because I feel this piece is an ecosystem that is moving and changing.

About Flower Happy Hour: Flower Happy Hour is a floral design studio in South Minneapolis, specializing in artfully designed bouquet subscriptions and modern, unique pieces for weddings and other special events.


Museum Location: Gallery 363

Floral designer: Ann Elizabeth Mekala

From the designer: Hyssop is a sustainable floral design studio that uses exclusively locally grown and foraged materials year round. This means all of Ann’s designs are built around what is available seasonally. This interpretation of It’s a Delicate Balance is a tangle of forages branches, and the first pops of locally grown blooms from our beloved local flower farmers. Instagram: @dearhyssop

Koehler & Dramm Institute of Floristry

Museum Location: Third Avenue Entrance (exterior)

Floral designers: Dixie, Rob, Kathy, Ruth, Kate, Beth, Shayla, Liz

From the designers: The vibrancy and detail of Christi Belcourt’s piece It’s a Delicate Balance is stunning. The Institute of Floristry’s Design Group used flowers and plant materials to highlight portions of the piece. Each material used, like the beads Belcourt sought to replicate, are vital to the presentation of a complete image. In turn, each image becomes a part of a symbiotic whole that is interdependent and aesthetically pleasing. We hope you enjoy our interpretation, and that it will enhance your Art in Bloom experience.

About Institute of Floristry: KDIOF is a licensed learning institution located in Minneapolis, where the art and science of floral design is taught by a team of passionate and dedicated industry professionals. Established and led by Ardith Beveridge AIFD, AAF, PFCI, CAFA, MSF for 29 years, the Institute has been a cornerstone in education for the floral industry, and has welcomed over 2,500 students through its doors, many of whom have become successful business owners and designers. We now have a team of six decorated and highly qualified professional floral designers leading our curriculum. With learning opportunities for designers at all levels, including career path PFD certification and a Diploma of Floral Arts & Sciences, KDIOF is one of the top education facilities in the nation for the floral industry. Take the next step in your career with KDIOF! Cheryl Stanius-Deiman 612.362.3133

Len Busch Roses Wholesale

Museum Location: Gallery 300

Floral designer: Sandy Schroeck AIFD

From the designer: Harmony in Bloom: A Botanical Interpretation

Experience a captivating floral interpretation of It’s a Delicate Balance, where lush greens, tranquil blues, deep burgundies, delicate pinks, and rich purples intertwine in a mesmerizing display. Inspired by nature’s palette, this vegetative-style arrangement evokes the sensation of wandering through a bountiful garden. Delicate blooms dance atop a pave base, while elegant foliage weaves gracefully throughout. Height and intrigue are added with metal stands that mimic the trees in the original work. Silver accents nestled within reflect the brilliance of the florals, playing on the balance between light and shadow. The beauty of nature’s artistry is brought to life in this captivating display of floral elegance.

About Len Busch Roses Wholesale: We are a floral wholesaler and grower in Plymouth, Minnesota providing locally grown and imported floral products.

Moonflower Design Studios

Museum Location: Gallery 363

Floral designer: Michelle Aldentaler

From the designer: Artists have a little bit different way of designing their art, but still very similar to a florist. They must choose their colors and each brush size, and tools to create the right texture, shape, and overall unity of their piece. Art in Bloom gives me the opportunity to take a piece of art and bring it to life through the floral design, bringing your eye to a focal point. My flower selection is always a mystery until the week of!! I love going in to Mia and seeing what draws my eye to the artwork. With this piece the colors are so vivid. I’m excited to share what the flower world has to offer, and transfer you into It’s a Delicate Balance.

About Moonflower Design Studios: At Moonflower Design Studios we are here to celebrate the Love between Flowers, Art & Passion here for you today. My studio represents this motto of creating one-of-a-kind pieces of art through flowers. Adding in the bespoken piece, It’s a Delicate Balance, brings it all together.

NinaBella Flowers & Design

Museum Location: Gallery 380

Floral designer: Jeannina Adams

From the designer: It is an honor to participate in MIA’s 2024 Art In Bloom as a commercial floral artist and to interpret Christi Belcourt’s Signature Artwork, It’s A Delicate Balance from my heart.

When I had the chance to visit MIA and see this large piece in person, it took my breath away. I was immediately focused on the brilliant colors against the black background. I love color! My immediate thoughts were drawn to the brilliant blue that I would recreate with painted tall and whimsical curly willow. I also wanted to have a black backdrop of some kind representing the black background in the painting and allowing the color I would incorporate to bounce off of that. Brilliant blues, bright greens, bold red, soft pinks, white, and happy yellow and orange would all be incorporated.

After taking in the colors, I noticed the incredible detail within this mirrored piece. A variety of types of leaves and flowers placed as though they are gently blowing in the breeze. And below the water line, lily pads, mushrooms, frogs and other creatures. They are complemented with birds, butterflies and fire flies enjoying their whimsical and playful surroundings.

I hope you enjoy my interpretation inspired by Christi Belcourt’s It’s A Delicate Balance.

About NinaBella Flowers & Design: Unique floral designs for all occasions. Floral design events. Inspirational blog. Minneapolis., @NinaBellaFlowers,

Richfield Flowers and Events

Museum Location: Third Avenue Entrance

Floral designers: Clara Sanchez & Greg Njoes

From the designers: We were drawn to the fantastical forms in the design and were inspired to create our impression of the art with materials on an assortment of plains featuring a different organic floral elements with colors and textures relating to the artist’s designs.

About Richfield Flowers and Events: From classic to comtemporary, Richfield Flowers creates stunning custom floral designs and décor for weddings, parties and more.

Studio Louise Flowers

Museum Location: Lobby

Floral designer: Jenn Hovland

About Studio Louise Flowers: If there’s one thing I want you to know about me, it’s that working with plants and flowers makes my heart sing. I love what I do, and I love sharing that with other people!

Located in Stillwater, delivery to the Saint Croix Valley and Twin Cities metro area.

U of MN Landscape Arboretum

Museum Location: Target Walkway (exterior)

Floral designers: Audrey Busch – Horticulturist, Sue Nyhammer – Volunteer

From the designers:

“It’s a Delicate Balance”, Yes. It really is.

sky AIR birds SUNRISE floating FLYING soaring GLIDING seeds BLUE

reaching FLUTTERING darkness LIGHTING glowing BUZZING

LAND trees CHASKA first born SON place GREEN branches BEAUTY

warmth MAPLE orange SWEET cedar SCENT shade

PETALS yellow FEATHERS orange LEAVES beads SEEDS red

earth SOIL fungi MYCORRHIZA sharing GIVING needing PROVIDING remembering


ROOTS community STRENGTH …balance

I mentally crawl into this painting and let go to just absorb the beauty and detail. I wander through and find new delights every time I look at it. The colors, shapes, movement, species, seasons. I have been looking at this painting off and on for a few years and feel like I am still barely getting to know all it has to tell. It has so many stories, and yet, not a single word. See the story of the tiny caterpillar crawling and crunching along? If we could hear a caterpillar chew, I am sure the sound would be a crunch. How many crunches happen in that tiny life before it’s transformed into something else that flys, not crawls? Joy, wonder, curiosity. What about that plant? A milkweed? The seeds floating and drifting take a course all their own. Dancing off into a breeze, not orchestrated, but moving, balancing maybe, landing…awaiting new life in a different form.

Balancing…it’s complex when I consider so many beings and ways. Taking in this beautiful, mysterious earth requires seeing with eyes of the heart and seeing over the course of time to reveal the depths that can’t be absorbed in a moment or confines of one place. Knowing- really KNOWING the birds takes time and humility in just being still and watching. Or listening. Days layered into days. Sharing space. Passing seasons. Years of watching. Generations of the passing down and passing on.

new life. growth. return to the earth. new life again…and the plants, and the water, and the seasons. all living, balancing, changing, re-balancing. And here we are – a part of the balance.

What a privilege it is for me to arrive at my place of employment – the Mni Sota Minnesota Landscape Arboretum in Chaska, Minnesota – the land where so many have walked and lived before I ever came here. My greeting each day is different, with a different wonder that the earth has to share and a greeting I enjoy extending in return with gratefulness. I am a caretaker, and spend many of my days outdoors – watching, keeping, helping and sharing. Christi’s painting reflects so much of what the vision is for every day at the Arboretum for me, and for the Others. Besides all the Beings that live here, there are many people who work here.

They work at the Horticultural Research Center – they are the searchers. The Farm at the Arb – the growers. Tashjian Bee & Pollinator Center – the leaders. Education and Marketing – teachers. Membership, Ticketing and Events – welcomers. Volunteers – givers, doers, encouragers. Operations and Maintenance – builders & caretakers. Donors, Trustees, Administrators – leaders and sharers. Finance and Accounting – caretakers. Members and Visitors – supporters and friends. Library Staff- knowledge keepers. Apple House and Gift Shop – seekers, helpers, traders. Horticulture and Plant Curators – caretakers and knowledge keepers. Technology department – connectors. Conservationists – protectors. Students – the future.

It is also a privilege to represent the people and mission of the Arboretum with a floral interpretation of this painting. Every one of those people that were listed had a part in this display, even though they weren’t physically here to put it together. I am so pleased to be able to share this with you. We function in community – relying on each other, the roles we have and the relationships we share. None of what makes up the space, knowledge, relationships and impact of the Arboretum could happen without each and every one of the other groups and each individual doing the thing that is unique to them and their space, their purpose, their job. I embrace the gratefulness that visitors come, events happen, someone at the research center starts every single seed, one by one to, to start its journey in life. The vision reflected is similar to what I read in Christi’s painting ‘It’s a Delicate Balance”. I hope these species of special concern represented get the care and opportunity they need to grow and have a good future.

I hope you enjoy the beauty of the Art in Bloom show and all the creative endeavors, both MiA works of art, floral displays, and the Community of “Us” – the visitors.

Watershed Design Group and Girl in My Garden

Museum Location: Agra Culture Café

Floral designers: Karen Thullner (Watershed Design Group) and Linda Wandt (Girl in My Garden)

From the designers: It’s a Delicate Balance describes life as well as the current state of our society. From the birds and butterflies to maple leaves and milkweed pods, nature works in unison. Linda and Karen also work together to balance the outdoors and indoors, respectively.

About Watershed Design Group: / 612.325.8497

About Girl in My Garden: / 612.306.7225