SOLD OUT: Chezare Warren: Putting Empathy into Practice

Chezare Warren is a nationally recognized researcher in the field of urban education and teacher education. Using critical race theory as a lens, his work explores the function of empathy in building authentic relationships between teachers and learners across cultural differences. Observation and listening underscore his research practice, and these same activities apply to fostering empathy in art museums as well as daily life. In this interactive talk, Warren will invite the audience to explore the role of empathy in relationship building in their own contexts.

This talk is sold out.
This talk will be ASL-interpreted. Click here to learn more about accessibility and inclusion at Mia.

Chezare A. Warren is a professor of urban education and teacher education at Michigan State University. A native Chicagoan and career urban educator, he has published over 30 articles, chapters, reports, and reviews, including the article “Empathy, Teacher Dispositions, and Preparation for Culturally Responsive Pedagogy” (2017).

Presented by Mia’s Center for Empathy and the Visual Arts with support from the McKnight Foundation.