Special Event

Northern Spark

Last occurred: June 14 - June 15, 2014


You may want to take a catnap before embarking on a lively night of art activities and creative disruptions at the MIA, MCAD and throughout Minneapolis. Northern Spark is an all-night arts festival that lights up Minneapolis on June 14, 2014.

The MIA is excited to present two new projects for Northern Spark 2014: The Sky Opens Twice and FutureKave.

The Sky Opens Twice

Jennifer Steinkamp Installation of 6EQUJ5The Sky Opens Twice, Abinadi Meza’s commissioned sound installation, is a site-specific aural “film” composed around an original script and spatial design. Describing his inspiration for the project, Meza said “I’m approaching the installation as a ‘looped event’ – a staging that holds ground floor visitors’ attention for as long as they would like to stay, but can be entered and exited at any point.” The sounds and silences will float up as well as cascade down all three stories of the Target Wing rotunda. The poetic, nonlinear scenarios and narratives relate to the themes of meteors and deep-space signal transmissions, corresponding to Jennifer Steinkamp’s video installation “6EQUJ5”.


PNG_futurekave_crystal_01FutureKave is an interactive 3D-game experience created by vidtiger that transports players to a realm of social play and possibility…on the moon! In this future, a burned-out earth serves as a reminder that humans screwed up. The moon offers another chance at survival. Players can participate with their bodies in front of large projections at two locations: inside MCAD, and outside in the MIA’s Target Park. Players at both locations are brought together as avatars in the same shared virtual moonscape. Throughout the night, as players interact and sculpt the spinning moon, a unique collaborative moon-sculpture is created. FutureKave is full of strange layers and surprises.

Make, Take, Snack, & Sip

In addition to these great artist projects, join the MIA for a hands on make & take activity to create LED fireflies, stop by the Dumpling Mpls food truck, and don’t forget to get your Dogwood Coffee cold brew from the pop-up coffee cart. After your visit, don’t miss all the other projects happening at nearby MCAD and all over Minneapolis all night long.