Impact Stories 2018

Stories and stats illustrate Mia’s impact on visitors and communities. Work made possible by your generosity. Here are some of the ways your financial contributions are helping Mia inspire wonder through the power of art

Art is Family

When Ann Treacy discovered Mia’s free Family Day, she had three children under age 7 and no money to spare. “Free makes something possible,” she says. “With three little kids, you don’t know if you’ll be somewhere for an hour or for 10 minutes before someone has a breakdown.

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Art is Perspective

Andrea Pierre and her young daughters had a touchstone at Mia, a small doll of an African-American maid who sparked conversations about race and history and opportunity. And then they didn’t.

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Art Is Community

Alicia Kleppinger’s son had recently been diagnosed as neurodiverse. He was 2 years old. Kleppinger was facing a long and uncertain future. Then she heard about Mia’s Social Narratives guides, which explain the museum experience to the neurodiverse community to help plan their visit.

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Art is Learning

schoolchildren seem ubiquitous at Mia, gathered in the galleries, trooping to their buses. But in fact, only a small fraction of Minnesota classrooms are able to visit Mia each year. Which is why Art Adventure is an increasingly important way to bring the museum to students.

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Art is Purpose

Essma Imady was 23 when she left Syria for Minnesota. She had struggled to determine her future, quitting chemistry college to pursue art, and then tanks were rolling through the streets. Her future was confronting her, whether she was ready for it or not.

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Art is Story

Pierce is smaller than most of the art at Mia; almost everything in the galleries is something he could imagine crawling into and staying a while. And so he did, last Halloween.

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