Diners are sitting across from each other at a banquet table. In front of them are drinks, floral centerpieces and candles.

Mia After Dark

A series of art-inspired culinary and wine adventures

Enjoy Mia in an entirely different way, with exhibition-inspired food and wine experiences held after hours in the museum’s galleries. Discover perfect pairings of art and wine or enjoy a curated dinner from a team of acclaimed culinary professionals at these exceptional private events.

Featured Events

Art & Dining After Dark

Join us for an entirely unique, completely delicious way to enjoy Mia: a private dining experience, after-hours in the galleries, inspired by Mia’s special exhibition.

Art & Wine After Dark

Art and wine have long made the perfect pairing, celebrating creative expression from from field and kitchen to studio and museum. Elevate your experience of Mia with an evening of art and wine after-hours in the galleries.