Introducing Riddle Mia This

Note: due to COVID-19, Riddle Mia This is currently unavailable.

Mia’s Puzzle Room Experience

Phone utilizes augmented reality in front of painting.

Using the app’s augmented reality feature, you’ll see Mia’s collection in a new way!

Cryptic messages. Hidden clues. Secret societies. This is the museum as giant puzzle room, a mystery you’re invited to solve using the Riddle Mia This app on your phone. You’ll move through the galleries looking for clues in the artworks, exposing a faction of anti-technologists.

Starting September 14, 2018, you can download the Riddle Mia This app in the Apple App Store or the Google Play store—for free—or check out devices at the museum’s Third Avenue entrance. Samantha Porter and Colin McFadden, employed at the University of Minnesota’s Liberal Arts and Technology Innovation Services (LATIS), designed the game, pitting you against a ring of anti-technologists. Winners of this year’s 3M Art and Technology Award, McFadden and Porter have created an artful nod to the escape room craze in this app that features augmented reality. Play it alone or with friends, at various levels of difficulty, ensuring you’ll never see Mia’s collection the same way again. Indeed, you may feel the art is watching you.


Is it free?

Yes– Riddle Mia This is available for free download in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

How do I download it?

If you have an Android device, visit the Google Play Store and search for “Riddle Mia This” and download. If you have an Apple device, visit the App Store and search for “Riddle Mia This” and select “Get” to download.

How long does it take?

Riddle Mia This takes most players about an hour.  The game isn’t timed, so you don’t need to rush. If you get stuck, or are in a hurry, there are hints to help you move through the puzzles.

Is it kid-friendly?

All of the content in the game is kid-friendly, but we think the puzzles are the most fun for ages 12 and up.

How many people can play in a group?

Riddle Mia This is the most fun for groups of four players or less.


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