Frequently Asked Questions

Museum Visit Guidelines

  1. • Please, no touching the art. Stay at least one foot from the art.
  2. • Face masks are strongly encouraged for all visitors regardless of vaccination status.
  3. • Food or drink are not allowed in the galleries. Enjoy them in the café or lobby.
  4. • Bags, parcels, and backpacks larger than 15” x 15” are not allowed in the museum.
  5. • No demonstrations or soliciting inside or outside of Mia without approval of museum management.
  6. • Reckless, careless, and disruptive behavior may result in expulsion from Mia.
  7. • Please supervise children 12 or under at all times.

Find all of our visitor policies, guidelines, and code of conduct here


Frequently Asked Questions


I have a work of art for which I would like more information. Can I bring it in?
We’re so happy that you asked! For the safety of Mia’s collection and your own treasure, we cannot permit works of art (that are not coming on loan) to enter the museum.

How much is my art worth?
The Minneapolis Institute of Art is unable to provide appraisals on art. The following is a list of accredited appraisal organizations; start your search for an appraiser near you on one of these websites:

Art Dealers of America |

International Society of Appraisers |

Appraisers Association of America |

American Society of Appraisers |

Is my art real? Is my Rembrandt a real Rembrandt?
Authenticating a work of art can be a big task. To do this, you will need to determine who the current expert/scholar on the artist is, which you can do through the internet. The best way to do this is to search for recent scholarly publications on the artist, such as a catalogue raisonné, which is a complete record of the artist’s body of work. That author is likely an expert on the artist; you can try to contact the author to see if she or he is willing to look at your work and state thoughts on its authenticity. If there is a signature on the painting, you may be able to ask an art appraiser about its authenticity; he or she will be able to check the canvas, paint, etc., and determine the age of the painting and likelihood of it being authentic. See above to find an accredited appraiser near you.

Can Mia repair my art?
Mia does not, but MACC does. The Midwest Art Conservation Center (MACC) is a separate organization that operates out of Mia’s building. Its phone number is 612.870.3120, and MACC staff will be happy to talk with you about your conservation needs.

What is your policy on website images and reproductions?
Great question! Please see our full policy here.


I have a work of art (includes books) that I’d like to donate/sell/lend to the museum. How do I do this?
Thank you for thinking of Mia! Each department has its own process when it comes to accepting works. The more information you have and can share with us, the better. In general, we’d like photographs of the work, artist/author, title, date, history of ownership, recent valuation, and the price for which you’d like to sell you work. Please list as much information as you have so we can make an informed decision. Please email Mia for more information.

How do I make a memorial donation?
Call Advancement at 612.870.3294 and they’ll be happy to help with this donation. Thank you for thinking of Mia!

Will the museum support or donate something to my nonprofit’s fundraiser (i.e. silent auction)?
To request a charitable donation for your nonprofit’s fundraiser, please fill out the donation request form here.


Can I bring a group in?
Groups under 10 people are welcome to walk-in. If your group consists of 10 or more people, please fill out a tours request form found here.

Can I host a private event at Mia?
Absolutely; we’d love to have you! Find out more details by clicking here.

How do I know if a work of art is on view?
Explore our collections site by browsing or searching. The location of the object will be noted in the description.

Where can I find out about your talks and classes?
Click here and take it all in. We hope to see you soon!

Can I buy a postcard or print of a work in your collection?
Yes! Call the Store at Mia, and they’ll be happy to help you: 612.870.3100.

The Store is amazing! How can I get my creations in there and be shown among the beauty?
We love it just as much as you! To learn about the Store’s procurement process, contact our Head of Retail, who will tell you everything you need to know:612.870.3190.

Can I sketch in the galleries?
Be sure to bring a lapboard or clipboard as floors, walls, or pedestals cannot be used as support when sketching and use either lead or colored pencils. While in the galleries and moving through, please carry your materials carefully. Keep those pencils in check!

Can I copy my favorite painting?
To make such a request, please complete the Request Form and send it to Mia by email (, mail or drop it off in person. Our mailing address is: Visitor Experience, Minneapolis Institute of Art, 2400 Third Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55404.

If you have any questions, please call (612) 870-3000 during regular work hours or ask one of our helpful museum guards. Staff at the Security Desk or Visitor Experience Desk will also be happy to assist you.

I’m an artist and would love to show my work at Mia; is this possible?
We have a few questions to route you to the proper people: Are you a current resident of Minnesota? If yes, visit the Minnesota Artist Exhibition Program (MAEP) website for more information: Are you a non-Minnesotan resident? If yes, follow the steps below: What is the medium of the work? If you are submitting prints, drawings, or photographs, please contact the corresponding departments: Prints and Drawings: 612.870.3105 or Photographs and New Media: 612.870.3255. All other mediums, contact Contemporary Art: 612.870.6362

When you reach out to us, let us know the following information:

  • If you intend for your work to be a gift, purchase, loan, or part of an exhibition.
  • Contact information if you are you represented by a dealer, gallery, or manager.
  • Your contact information! Give us a website, CV/resumé, and image list—pdf or Word doc format, please.
  • Photographs (digital preferred) and object information for each piece: title, date created, medium, and dimensions.

Your submission will be kept on file. Should your work match any of our collection or exhibition needs, our curators will be in contact with you. Thanks again for reaching out.

How do I volunteer at Mia?
We’re so happy to hear that you want to spend more quality time with us! In consideration of the health and welfare of visitors, volunteers, and staff amid the Covid-19 crisis, Mia has temporarily suspended the volunteer program, but you can volunteer virtually here

I’m a performer/musician/art instructor/lecturer/teacher/artist; how can I perform or have my program at Mia?
Thank you for thinking of Mia! Primarily, museum programs relate to new research on the permanent collection or are tied to special exhibitions. Mia talks are art historical in nature, and classes are art making with a dash of history. If you’re a teacher/lecturer and you think you’re a good fit to our program needs and requirements (relating to the permanent collection or tied to an exhibition), send us your qualifications and proposal. We’ll be in touch if there’s a match!

If you’re a local artist, please visit the Minnesota Artist Exhibition Program (MAEP) website for more information
Mia does not rent out spaces for public performances or public programming. If you’re interested in hosting a private event, please click here to learn more.


Just strolling through the galleries and want to snap your favorite work?
No problem! Two things we ask: 1) Keep your flash turned off. 2) Check the label: if the work is on loan (a capital L before the object number is your clue), you have to bask in its glory in the galleries; photography of loaned works is not permitted. Unsure if it’s on loan? Ask a guard.

Professional/Commercial/Posed photography (i.e. fashion shoot, portraits, prom, wedding, event)?
Contact Events at 612.870.3136. The museum offers a stunning backdrop, and we’d like to work with you.

Press photography (i.e. exhibition coverage, photojournalism)?
Please contact Public Relations at 612.870.3171 or email

Need to use a tripod or monopod or flash?
You guessed it—there’s a form for this! Please stop by at our front desk in the museum lobby and one of our Visitor Experience Representatives will be able to assist you.