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Scavenger Hunts

These scavenger hunts, designed to be used by individual students at the museum with a teacher or other adult chaperone, are fun to try from home.

Grades Pre-K through 2

Search Mia’s collections to find people, places and things; draw faces you discover; and choose an animal as your own pet.


Grades 3-5

Search Mia’s collections together to find artworks that match fun prompts, discover poses to try out, and pick portraits to draw.


Grades 6+

Alone or in a group, search Mia’s collections to find artworks that express big ideas, pick a sculpture to draw from different perspectives, and step into an artwork to imagine how someone in it is experiencing their surroundings.


Middle School Students

Explore art from around the world to find artworks that illustrate or capture big ideas like Beauty, Freedom, and Courage.