Mia Art Team Class of 2022

Art Team

Note: The Art Team is currently on hiatus. Information represents the past accomplishments of this group.

Art Team is a group of Mia teen staff members that create opportunities for emerging & youth artists, Family Day activities, and grow as a community– with a love and passion for art. Their goal is to share their perspectives and experiences, while intentionally making space for youth of various backgrounds within the Mia community in order to develop a more equitable and representative institution.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do we do?

Art Team’s work revolves around making the museum more accessible to teens through engaging with various artwork, artists, and art-making. Art Team is engaged in professional development opportunities that expand career horizons and promote artistic & cultural literacy.

What’s in it for the teens?

Art Team is a paid position. Team members will develop facilitation and leadership skills, including goal-setting, critical thinking, self-confidence, and communication skills. Art Team members form bonds and grow in community with one another. This is a unique connection outside of the school environment.

Who can apply?

Teens ages 14 to 18, enrolled in high school. BIPOC and LGBTQIA+/Queer folks are encouraged to apply.

What are the requirements?

Art Team is a year-round commitment requiring consistent attendance and engagement. Art Team members have a desire and interest in learning about art, developing leadership skills, and engaging with museum visitors as well as our own team. Participants must be available every Thursday from 4:30 – 7 p.m. and every second Sunday of the month 9:30am-5:30pm. Opportunities to work outside these times (optional) frequently arise. Meeting times are subject to change.

Questions? Email: youthprograms@artsmia.org


Experience Field Trip, a podcast for teens by teens, where we take you on a journey of different perspectives, giving insight on youth connections through Art, and speaking on what is going on in our communities.

Past projects

Virtual Rated T: Creativity in Chaos

Join Art Team for Virtual Rated T: Creativity in Chaos, 6-8pm, Friday June 11th, 2021. We will be co-creating art inspired by our theme creativity in chaos, listening to live music by local teen bands Sapphire and Partly Cloudy, and tuning into guest artist conversations. We hope you can drop in!

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What does art mean to you?

Check out this video created by Art Team members sharing what art means to them. We hope this inspires you reflect on what art means to you.


Collection Reflections by Art Team

Collection Reflections by Art Team are a series of our perspectives, and other teen perspectives on artworks in Mia’s collection. We select works of art to engage with and reflect upon, while also inviting you to reflect and explore a couple of prompts for each selected artwork. We are passionate about making art accessible for young people & teens. We hope you like our reflections, as we are inspired by the current moments in our society and our lived experiences as BIPOC young people.

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New Year's Confetti Popper

This activity, created by Mia’s Art Team members, will help you reflect on the current year and prepare goals for the New Year by creating a fun confetti popper.


Día de los Muertos

This Día de los Muertos activity sheet and coloring pages, created by two of Mia’s Art Team members Mateo Silva and Izabella Red Feather, are an opportunity to reflect and remember our loved ones.

Esta hoja de actividades y páginas para colorear del Día de los Muertos, creadas por Mateo Silva y Izabella Red Feather, miembros del equipo de arte del Instituto de Artes de Minneapolis (Mia), son una oportunidad para reflexionen y recuerden a sus seres queridos.

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Art Team Exhibition

Challenging Stereotypes by Art Team

This series came to be through brainstorming around topics that are important to us as young people at the end of 2019. We were due to host an event centered around ‘challenging stereotypes’ for teens earlier in 2020, and when the global pandemic hit the U.S. that all changed. We are passionate about taking apart these stereotypes and creating a new reality. The world has drastically changed since we created this series (pre-covid). We invite you to reflect with us on ‘challenging stereotypes’, also considering how this is relevant to the current moment in time, in our city, nation and world.

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