Tour Topics

Enjoy the diverse collections at the Minneapolis Institute of Art by participating in an interactive, one-hour guided group tour. These are our most popular tour topics, but we are happy to customize a tour based on your interests. To schedule a private group tour call the MIA Tour Office at 612-870-3140. To request a K-12 tour complete this on-line form.

Tour of the Month

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Steam Tours

lin160722_steam-kindercoverKindergarten: Weather and Seasons

Sort pictures, explore colors, play “I spy” and draw a picture of yourself.

lin160722_steam-firstrcoverFirst grade: Birds and Their Adaptations

Compare pictures of real birds with artworks, measure heights in hummingbirds, make pictures from composite shapes, and draw a bird in its habitat.

lin160722_steam-secondrcoverSecond grade: Plants

Explore scientific and imaginary plants in art from around the world, measure, and draw your own still life-bugs optional!

lin160722_steam-thirdcoverThird grade: Scientific Inquiry-Animals

Observe, inquire, measure, and record as you explore creatures from around the world and make your own scientific drawing of an animal.

lin160722_steam-fourthcoverFourth grade: The Design Process-Chairs

Use the design process-ask, imagine, plan, create, and improve-to sketch a unique chair for someone you know.

lin160722_steam-fifthcoverFifth grade: Architecture

Observe and explore Mia’s architecture and period rooms, solve architectural math problems, and create a floor plan for a building in your neighborhood.

Preschool Tours


You are never too young toPicture1 enjoy Mia! These forty-five minute themed gallery experiences incorporate engagement with artworks in the museum galleries, illustrated storybooks, songs and rhymes, movement, looking and hands-on activities. These lively tours are designed especially for 3- to 5-year-olds. One adult chaperone is required for every 3-5 children on a guided tour.

Artful Stories themes include: Alphabet, Animals, Butterflies, Color, Feelings, Gardens, Hide and Seek, Opposites, Patterns, Primary Colors, and Shapes.

To request an Artful Stories tour:

After your Artful Stories tour, download a follow-up worksheet:

Animal AdventureArt and the AlphabetArtful OppositesColor MixingColorsFeelings and EmotionsGrowing a GardenHide and SeekInsects and SymmetryPicturing a PostcardPretty PatternsSelf-PortraitShape and Color