Tour Topics

Join us for live virtual tours on the following topics. Your guide will invite you to look closely at artworks and ask open-ended questions to help you make connections and engage in conversation. Tours are adapted for different age groups.

Animals in Art
Look for real and imaginary animals in works of art from around the world. Children can share what they see and know about animals and their habits. Explore how humans and animals interact, and hear stories with animals in leading roles.

Arts of Africa
Discover objects for daily use and regalia fit for a king or queen from the diverse continent of Africa. Learn about dance and masquerade, preparing for the afterlife, and introducing young men and women to spiritual and earthly life in their communities.

Arts of the Ancient World
Unlock the mysteries of the ancient world through works of art that tell us about life in this world and the next. Compare and contrast works made in Africa, the Americas, and Asia with objects from ancient Mediterranean cultures.

Arts of Asia
Experience artistic treasures from China, Japan, India, and Southeast Asia. Works may include sculpture for tombs and temples, ceremonial warrior gear, a Hmong story blanket, painted golden screens, and a mountain made of jade.

Arts of Europe
Learn about European life and history through the eyes of its most celebrated artists. Trace changes in attitudes toward art and life through works from the Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque ages, up to modern times.

Arts of Native America
Explore the living culture and heritage of Native America as expressed in diverse artworks using a variety of media. Experience the role of tradition and innovation in works from historic to contemporary times.

Celebration of African American Art in History
Using various media, artists have documented and celebrated the African American experience. Discover and explore their important contributions, from self-taught artist William Edmondson to contemporary artist Nick Cave.

Highlights of Mia’s Collection (adults)
View splendid works from around the world and throughout time. Delight in European and American favorites. Experience nature‘s beauty in tour-de-force landscapes and decorative arts from Asia. Discover how the living arts of Africa and the Americas honor traditions and inspire innovation.

Highlights of Mia’s Collection (students)
What is a highlight? Look together at works of art and talk about how a “highlight” stands out for the way it looks, the skill it took to make it, its rarity, how much people enjoy it, or perhaps something completely different.

Modern and Contemporary Art
What makes that art? Discover the many ways modern and contemporary artists have responded to their environment and defied conventional ideas of what art is. Discuss artworks that push the boundaries of painting, sculpture, textiles, works on paper, and more.

Visual Elements and Principles
How do visual choices affect the artwork created? See how artists use colors, lines, textures, patterns, and more in countless variations to create unique works of art. Focus on one or more elements while exploring a wide range of media, cultures, and time periods.

A Preschool Tour
Enjoy Mia on a live virtual tour designed especially for 3- to 5-year-olds. 30- to 45-minute tours incorporate engagement with Mia artworks and illustrated storybooks. Choose one of these themes: Animals, Colors, or Shapes.

Discover Your Story
Discover Your Story virtual tours are designed for small groups of visitors with memory loss, along with their friends or care partners. Participants discover themselves and one another through conversations that relate artworks to their life stories.

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