Tour Topics

Enjoy the diverse collections at the Minneapolis Institute of Art by participating in an interactive, one-hour guided group tour. These are our most popular tour topics, but we are happy to customize a tour based on your interests. To schedule a private group tour call Mia’s Tour Office at 612-870-3140. To request a K-12 tour complete a tour request form.

Steam Tours

STEAM Lessons for Secondary Teachers and Students

Developed by residents of the 2013-14 Twin Cities Teacher Collaborative (TC2)

These experimental STEAM lessons are created by members of the 2013–14 cohort of the Twin Cities Teacher Collaborative (TC2), an urban teacher residency that prepares mathematics and science teachers for the classroom. TC2 residents incorporated artworks from the Minneapolis Institute of Art’s collection into original lessons that can be taught in your classroom; some can also be taught in Mia’s galleries. Where relevant, the lessons include Minnesota academic standards and the benchmarks they support.

lin160722_steam-kindercoverKindergarten: Weather and Seasons

Sort pictures, explore colors, play “I spy” and draw a picture of yourself.

lin160722_steam-firstrcoverFirst grade: Birds and Their Adaptations

Compare pictures of real birds with artworks, measure heights in hummingbirds, make pictures from composite shapes, and draw a bird in its habitat.

lin160722_steam-secondrcoverSecond grade: Plants

Explore scientific and imaginary plants in art from around the world, measure, and draw your own still life-bugs optional!

 lin160722_steam-thirdcoverThird grade: Scientific Inquiry-Animals

Observe, inquire, measure, and record as you explore creatures from around the world and make your own scientific drawing of an animal.

lin160722_steam-fourthcoverFourth grade: The Design Process-Chairs

Use the design process-ask, imagine, plan, create, and improve-to sketch a unique chair for someone you know.

lin160722_steam-fifthcoverFifth grade: Architecture

Observe and explore Mia’s architecture and period rooms, solve architectural math problems, and create a floor plan for a building in your neighborhood.

Preschool Tours


You are never too young toPicture1 enjoy Mia! These forty-five minute themed gallery experiences incorporate engagement with artworks in the museum galleries, illustrated storybooks, songs and rhymes, movement, looking and hands-on activities. These lively tours are designed especially for 3- to 5-year-olds. One adult chaperone is required for every 3-5 children on a guided tour.

Artful Stories themes include: Alphabet, Animals, Butterflies, Color, Feelings, Gardens, Hide and Seek, Opposites, Patterns, Primary Colors, and Shapes.

Request an Artful Stories tour

After your Artful Stories tour, download a follow-up worksheet:

Animal AdventureArt and the AlphabetArtful OppositesColor MixingColorsFeelings and EmotionsGrowing a GardenHide and SeekInsects and SymmetryPicturing a PostcardPretty PatternsSelf-PortraitShape and Color