Music at Mia

Music at Mia

Music has been integral to Mia since its founding. Explore the various ways that music has intersected with Mia’s collection, from live performances to original compositions inspired by artworks.

Plays Well with Art: Compositions

Local composer, Sarah Miller received Individual Artist Grant through the Minnesota State Arts Board to create original works of music inspired by pieces in Mia’s collection. Watch the composed pieces below.

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Teaching the Arts

Arts of Asia: Musical Instruments

Music and other sounds accompany us throughout our daily lives, sometimes by choice and sometimes in the background. But unless we are practicing musicians, how often do we stop to think about how this music was made, or, moreover, how the instruments producing the music were made?

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Music and art

Colorful sounds abound in these five works of art.

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Rituals of Resilience

“Rituals of Resilience” is an audio-visual experience, co-curated by the Twin Cities-based musician and community organizer Chaka Mkali (aka I Self Devine). The experience creates dialog between works by Black visual artists from the United States, Africa, and the greater African Diaspora and new music created for the exhibition by Mkali and his collaborators.

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The kitchen dance: Watch an ode to women, work, and Mia’s modern masterpiece

The Frankfurt Kitchen is an icon of modernist domestic architecture, a 75-square-foot ode to efficiency. It was designed in 1926, by Austrian architect Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky, as an attempt to simplify the chores of cooking and cleaning up afterward, freeing women—whose chores they were and largely remain—to pursue their own economic and personal interests.

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Family Day Music

September Virtual Family Day — Sumunar Gamelan and Dance Ensemble

Learn how Gamelan works and what it sounds like in this video prepared by the Sumunar Gamelan and Dance Ensemble. A gamelan is a metallic percussion orchestra indigenous to Indonesia made primarily from bronze.

April Virtual Family Day — Zorongo Flamenco Dance

Make a fan and learn to dance flamenco with Zorongo Flamenco Dance Theater and School! Founded in 1982, Zorongo is dedicated to the mission to enrich our community by drawing people of diverse backgrounds close to the power, passion and virtuosity of the flamenco dance and music tradition. The Zorongo School offers flamenco dance instruction for learners of all ages and experience levels. Learn more at

Related Talks and Events

Black National Anthem performed by Jayanthi Rajasa

Talk: Alarmél Valli—Flowers of the Kurunci: Melding Dance, Poetry & Music

Choreographer Padma Bhushan Alarmél Valli is acclaimed internationally for her ability to turn traditional dance vocabulary into deeply personal poetry. Her dance is uncompromisingly classical but at the same time an undeniable language of self-expression. In her art, Valli seamlessly weaves together threads of the sacred and the sensual, the human and the divine—a hallmark of classical Indian arts. Yet she is equally well known for her eloquent lectures on the multidimensional nature of dance. Here she will discuss the complex and integral roles that literature, poetry, and music play in her work and share her thoughts on the rich subtlety of some the great poetic traditions of South India.