Mia Friends Board

Friends Board 2023-2024

Friends of the Institute’s Board of Directors are selected by a nominating committee, and rotate annually.

Executive Committee

President: Boyd Ratchye
1st Vice President: Barb Proeschel
2nd Vice President (Research & Planning): Diane Morrison
Secretary: Barb Mikelson
Treasurer: Kathy Tickle
Development Relations: Loreen Fripp

Board of Directors

Art & Architecture: Chris Vickery
Art in Bloom: Barb Champ
Art in Bloom: Diane Morrison
Friends-Only Events: Lisa Mayotte
Friends Book Club: Carol Stoddart
Fundraiser: April Netley
Fundraiser: Renee Kessler
Historian: Ellen Archibald
Hospitality: Ann Laurent
Hospitality: Sue Stillman
Lectures: Josie Owens
Lectures: Kathryn Schwyzer
Membership: Kris Bjorklund
Membership: Sheila Folkestad
Newsletter: Jeanette Colby
Newsletter: Holly Hernandez
Nominating: Julie Holland
Outreach: Tammy Meyer
Outreach: Mary Lewis
Plants & Flowers: Maggie Rosine
Plants & Flowers: Stacey Carr
Rochester Liaison: Allison Greene
Rochester President: Mary Jane McHardy
St. Cloud Liaison: Carol Pagac
St. Cloud President: Amanda Falloon
Transportation: Therese Blaine
Transportation: Steve Hoster
Volunteer Services: Pat Gale
Advisor: Maria Eggemeyer
Advisor: Helen Leslie
Advisor: Robin Keyworth
Advisor: Beverly Hauschild-Baron
Advisor: Arna Yetter