Native American Heritage Month

Celebrate and honor the rich and diverse cultures, traditions, histories, and important contributions of Native people.


Hózhǫ́, Manifesting Beauty: Navajo Textiles from the Cahn Collection

Gallery 262 and Gallery 275

Hózhǫ́ is a foundational concept in the Navajo world, encompassing ideas of beauty, harmony, balance, order, grace, health, and happiness. It is a state of being, thinking, and acting. Navajo artists embody hózhǫ́ as they weave, and textiles are imbued with and become works of hózhǫ́.

Storytelling: Julie Buffalohead

Gallery 255

Julie Buffalohead creates visual narratives told by animal characters that have personhood, agency, and individuality. Like all great storytellers, Buffalohead connects the mythical with the ordinary and the imaginary with the real, offering a space to which viewers can bring their own experiences.

Permanent Collection

Explore Mia's Native American Art Collection

The Native American Art collection at Mia is rich in examples of the highest quality art. Experience highlights from the permanent collection on view in  Galleries 259 -261.

Explore the art here.

Educational Resource

Native Art, Native Voices: A Resource for K-12 Learners

This resource is designed to support the integration of Native voices and art into K-12 curriculum. It includes artist interviews, essays about artworks in Mia’s collection and questions to support deep looking, critical thinking, and discussion, art lessons developed by and with Minnesota Native artists, and reading selections for students to help provide environmental context for the artworks. “Native Art, Native Voices” includes information about Native cultures both past and present and supports Minnesota state standards for visual arts and social studies/U.S. history.

Download the PDF here.