Virtual Family Day: Giving and Gathering

Every second Sunday of the month, Mia hosts a free monthly event for families, kids, and the young at heart featuring virtual hands-on art activities, music, dance performances, artist demonstrations, and more — all inspired by Mia’s incredible collection. 

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Virtual Family Day: Giving and Gathering

Victor Moscoso (American, born Spain, born 1936; Publisher: Family Dog Productions, San Francisco), Quicksilver Messenger Service, Mount Rushmore, Big Brother and the Holding Company, Horns of Plenty, June 29-30, July 1-2, Avalon Ballroom, color lithograph, 1967. Gift of Paul Maurer and Scott West, 2019.59.68.
© Chet Helms DBA Family Dog Productions. All Rights Reserved

Gather and make art with people you care about. At this month’s virtual family day, we’re featuring our favorite activities from past Virtual Family Days, all inspired by Mia’s incredible collection. Watch how-to videos, create art projects with step-by-step instructions, and more!

Free Family Day Artist Totes

During November’s Family Day weekend (November 13-14, 10 a.m.–2 p.m.), you can pick up a free Family Day Artist Tote that contains printmaking materials at Mia’s Third Avenue entrance.

Materials in the kit complement the Virtual Family Day program’s activities but are not essential to enjoying the activities. This month, we will have a variety of kits from previous Virtual Family Days to choose from. Each kit includes step-by-step instructions to complete the activities. Totes are available while supplies last.

Houses of Memory inspired by Do Ho Suh

From Virtual Family Day: Making Home

South Korean artist Do Ho Suh has had to move around a lot in his life and leave behind homes that mean a lot to him. To remember and carry with him the memories of these meaningful spaces, he started making large fabric sculptures recreating his former homes – ones large enough for you to walk into like an actual house! Click here to learn more about his art and create your own three-dimensional house using materials from the kitchen.

Kao Kalia Yang: “A Map into the World”

From Virtual Family Day: Mapping Your World

As the seasons change, so too does a young Hmong girl’s world. She moves into a new home with her family and encounters both birth and death. As this curious girl explores life inside her house and beyond, she collects bits of the natural world. But who are her treasures for? Listen to the story  “A Map in the the World” read out loud by award-winning Hmong-American writer Kao Kalia Yang.

Make a Creativity Power Grid!

From Virtual Family Day: Foot in the Door
An image of the Creativity Power Grid activity. Tissue paper flowers of various colors are glued to a piece of paper.

Your creativity and imagination is powerful! Show off your individual and collective creative power making a Creativity Power Grid together with those in your household! You’ll need to pick up a Family Day Artist Tote to get the supplies necessary to try this activity.
This is an open-ended activity with no specific instructions but to have fun channeling your creative power together! Use the materials provided in the Family Day Artist Tote to sculpt, draw, and weave in your creativity on the grid.

Make a “Quilt” inspired by Gee’s Bend Quilts

From Virtual Family Day: F is for Family

Learn more about the amazing tradition of quiltmaking from Gee’s Bend and be inspired to make your own “quilt” using simple materials (no sewing required)! Click here to download the instructions.

Continue to learn more about African American artists from the American South viewing the online exhibit “In the Presence of Our Ancestors: Southern Perspectives in African American Art.”

Draw Your Future!

From Virtual Family Day: Building Bridges

“What do you want the future to look like? Who do you hope to be in that future?
Learn more about Tori Hong’s illustration of the “Abolitionist Elder” in this video.

Click here to download the guide to drawing your own vision of the future!
Tori is a local illustrator based in Minneapolis with Hmong and Korean roots.

Coloring Pages: Queer Icons

From Virtual Family Day: Express Your Love with Pride!

Learn more about queer icons by coloring!

Learn more about queer icons by coloring! Click here to download the coloring sheets featuring Marsha P. Johnson and Audre Lorde. The coloring sheets have been designed by local queer artists Noah Lawrence-Holder and Harper Steinbach.