Virtual Family Day: Looks Delicious!

Every second Sunday of the month, Mia hosts a free monthly event for families, kids, and the young at heart featuring virtual hands-on art activities, music, dance performances, artist demonstrations, and more — all inspired by Mia’s incredible collection. 

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Virtual Family Day: Looks Delicious!

Katy Cowan, Double Still Life, 2015, watercolor, gouache, permanent marker, pastels, latex paint, oil stain and clearcoat on wood, Gift of Funds from Eric and Nancy Ritter in Memory of Richard Ritter and Pola Waga Ritter 2017.8A,B

Explore art that’s a feast for the eyes. Learn what “still life” in art means, and be inspired to arrange your own still life with what you find at home. From creating a cardboard sculpture to painting with watercolors, you’ll explore the many art forms a still life can take. Plus, serve up your favorite family recipe to share with friends.

Closer Look: Looks Delicious!

Explore artworks inspired by food. Beware, you may get hungry!

Make a Still-life Sculpture

Gather some items from home to make your own still-life sculpture with cardboard! Click here for instructions.

Paint a Still-life

Let’s take a closer look at some of the still-life paintings in Mia’s collection to inspire your own still-life painting! Click here for instructions to make your own still-life painting.

Printmaking with Fruits and Vegetables

Andy Warhol; Publisher: Factory Additions, New York; Printer: Aetna Silkscreen Products, New York, Flowers, 1970, Color screenprint, Gift of N. Bud and Beverly Grossman, © The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc. / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York, 2000.186.6

Gather some fruits and vegetables to do some printmaking at home following the instructions below.Materials: Produce (fruits and/or vegetables), Paint (Tempera, acrylic, or fabric paint), Paper or fabric, Knife* (use with adult supervision)
1. Gather your produce (Try to vary shapes and textures).
2. Cut the fruit/vegetable into interesting shapes carefully with the knife.
3. Dip the fruit/vegetable in paint and shake off any excess paint.
4. Press the fruit/vegetable onto the paper/fabric and lift.
5. Repeat to create patterns or compose a picture!