Comic of Our Fears

Use this activity developed by artist Anavi Mullick to help you process your feelings and fears.

You will need:

  • A drawing tool: pencil, pen, marker, crayon, colored pencil, paint and paintbrush, or chalk
  • Optional: if you would like to color your drawing, you are welcome to use crayons, paint, or colored pencil
  • A writing tool: a pencil or a pen
  • Paper/drawing surface (2 sheets needed). You can use any type of paper including recycled materials


    1. 1. Brainstorm Take a moment to observe your body, your breath, your heartbeat. Close your eyes if you want. Think about where you are. How have you been feeling? What are you afraid of?
    2. 2. Make a List and Choose If your eyes were closed, you can open them. Pick up your writing tool and your chosen drawing surface. Make a list of the fears that came to mind.Which fear feels most present in the moment? Most alive? Choose one. Think of the qualities of this fear. Write them down if you want. Is it big and overwhelming? Is it small but sharp? What animal represents the qualities or traits that described your chosen fear?
    3. 3. Imagining Once you have chosen an animal that represents your fear, think of the animal doing something silly. Is it juggling balls? Eating fourteen bananas at the same time? Jumping on a trampoline? Be as silly as you can!
    4. 4. Draw It! Draw the animal doing this silly thing. There’s no wrong way to do it. Color it if you would like. If not, you’re done! Make as many as you’d like – turn your fears upside down!

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