Chinese, South and Southeast Asian Art

Chinese, South and Southeast Asian Art

Mia’s collection of Chinese, Islamic, and South and Southeast Asian art encompasses the artistic production of a vast ethnic and geographic area, home to half the world’s population. It has flourished since the founding of the institution, built with gifts from knowledgeable collectors and benefactors including Alfred F. Pillsbury, Augustus L. Searle, Lilly Place, Margaret McMillan Webber, Richard P. Gale, Louis W. Hill, Jr., Ruth and Bruce Dayton, Bill and Libby Clark, and Jane Emison. The Chinese collection ranks among the most comprehensive in the United States, and the Islamic and South and Southeast Asian art holdings include choice examples of sculpture, painting, textiles, and decorative arts from the region. Through exhibitions, programing, research, and acquisitions, the department actively strives to make centuries of Asian culture accessible and enticing for our visitors.

Department Staff

Liu Yang, PhD
Curator of Chinese Art
Head of Chinese, South, and Southeast Asian Art

Pujan Gandhi
Jane Emison Assistant Curator of
South & Southeast Asian Art


Coco Banks
Curatorial Department Assistant
Phone: 612.870.3220

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Chinese Art

The continuous culture and artistic history in China spans over five thousand years to the present day. This selection illustrates the innovation and transformation in Chinese art, from Neolithic jades and ritual bronzes of the Bronze Age to ceramics, lacquer ware, furniture, and textiles of the pre-modern era, and contemporary painting.


Himalayan, South, Southeast Asian, and Islamic Art

From Turkey to Tibet, Sri Lanka to Singapore, and ancient to contemporary, Mia’s permanent collection includes fine examples of the dynamic arts of these diverse regions. Our collection has been over a century in the making and continues to grow.



Programs, Talks, and Presentations

Explore a wealth of recorded lectures, talks, and other videos on Chinese and South and Southeast Asian art topics.


Podcast: Everyone Loves Shiva

In the 1920s, a dancing god of destruction suddenly becomes a museum must-have, setting off a scramble in the jungles of India. The global interest promises to bring East and West together, but can it last?


ArtStories: Yogini Holding a Jar

Learn more about the fascinating iconography behind a Hindu goddess dating from the 900s.


Jade Mountain

Explore the details of this iconic work of art, illustrating the gathering of scholars at the Lanting Pavilion.


3D Scans of Chinese Art

Experience the magic of Chinese art in three dimensions.



Affinity Groups

Mia’s Affinity Groups are a great way for museum members to connect more closely with special areas of art interest, allowing you to delve deeper into the curatorial area of your choice.


Art Champions

The restoration and conservation of artworks in Mia’s collection are ever-present concerns. Art Champions is a program that connects art lovers with artworks that require conservation to be displayed to the public.