Japanese and Korean Art

Japanese and Korean Art

The collection of Japanese art at Mia includes more than 9,000 works, ranging from prehistoric pottery to contemporary photography, and is among the top five collections in the United States. The permanent display space for Japanese art is the largest in the Western world, with 16 expansive galleries and over 10,000 square feet (930 sqm) dedicated to it. The collection includes superb examples of Buddhist and Shintō sculpture, paintings and calligraphy, woodblock prints, textiles, and works of lacquer, bamboo, and ceramics. The Department of Japanese and Korean art has benefited greatly from generous gifts from knowledgeable collectors, like Richard P. Gale, Louis W. Hill, Jr., Elizabeth and Willard “Bill” Clark, and Mary Griggs Burke.

Department Staff

Andreas Marks
Mary Griggs Burke Curator of Japanese and Korean Art
Japanese and Korean Art Department Head
Director of the Clark Center for Japanese Art

Mai Yamaguchi
Andrew W. Mellon Assistant Curator of Japanese and Korean Art


Yuko Ralston
Curatorial Department Assistant
Email: JKA@artsmia.org
Phone: 612.870.3214

Browse the Collection

Highlights of Japanese Art: Sculpture and Decorative Arts

A wide range of art is on view in Mia’s 16 galleries devoted to Japanese and Korean art. Because they are composed of more durable materials, these highlights are typically on display.


Highlights of Japanese Art: Paintings and Prints

Mia’s collection of Japanese paintings and prints is expansive and full of gems. Due to their fragility, however, they can only be on view for short periods of time. But they are always on view on our website! Here are some of our finest examples.


Highlights of Korean Art

Korean artists worked in dialogue with the artworks from China and Japan while also forging rich and distinctive artistic tradition.



Yoshitoshi Art Stories

Zoom in to explore his prints in rich detail and learn more about the artist, his processes, and major trends that influenced his work.


Programs, Talks, and Presentations

Explore a wealth of recorded lectures, talks, and other videos on Japanese and Korean art and artists.



Affinity Groups

Mia’s Affinity Groups are a great way for museum members to connect more closely with special areas of art interest, allowing you to delve deeper into the curatorial area of your choice.


Art Champions

The restoration and conservation of artworks in Mia’s collection are ever-present concerns. Art Champions is a program that connects art lovers with artworks that require conservation to be displayed to the public.