Sayge Carrol

Responds to Joe Minter’s
‘Old Rugged Cross’

Old Rugged Cross, 1998
Joe Minter
Found wood, nails

Listen Here

The audio recording is made with instruments I made of clay.
A drum, undoon (my creation) and flutes.

Going through the gallery, the crosses made of reclaimed wood stopped being so visual of the wood, as it was decaying. The ways that it was put together, I bristled a bit with three crosses, but when I understood what the piece was about, I thought it was a beautiful memorial. I was then really just reminded of my beginnings of making art and seeing those pieces that were made out of sawdust and glue or some kind of wood compound, brought home that part of me that was willing to make no matter what I had. What I had available to me, I needed to create.

And then the quilt. The quilt, something that I can reach, something that I can do, knowing that with fabric and I can make new rags. I can do whatever, and making quilts with a design. And then, the rusted pieces of metal, something I’ve always been drawn to, made into a quilt. I am never surprised or always surprised when someone can take scraps and make something beautiful because what I love about my life is where I found all of my joy. And when I see someone else doing it, it just brings it all home.

Sayge Carroll’s Offering

These quilts were made in remembrance of the uprising so long coming in defiance of the continued murder of our family, friends and community. I left three tiles white and blank to represent three specific murders this year, Breonna Taylor, Killed in her sleep in her bed by the police, Ahmaud Aubrey, killed on a jog, in his town, by a father and son, and last but not least George Floyd, killed by a police officer who kneeled on his neck for eight minutes 46 second.This is what we are still rising against.

Sayge Carroll
Ceramic Quilt 2021
Earthenware clay, leather, tacks