Our activity worksheets, originally designed to be used by individual students within groups at the museum, provide in-depth ways to learn with Mia’s collection online. Choose from activities that enhance writing, guide the study of visual elements and principles, or encourage a deeper understanding of art styles, movements, practices, and collection areas.

Search Mia’s collection site to use these worksheets when you can’t be at the museum. Try a range of different search terms to yield the best results. The word that seems most obvious might not be the best! When the worksheet instructs you to visit a particular gallery (or galleries) by number, search for that entire gallery by typing in G and the number.

For example, if the worksheet sends you to Gallery 350, type G350 in the search box. All of the artworks on view in that gallery will appear to the left of your screen. When you are done looking closely at any single artwork, just click on the back arrow to explore more.

Styles in Art History

Learn about styles in art history through the exploration of the art and the innovations that made it possible.


Building Stories

Develop characters, dialogue, and stories inspired by artworks throughout Mia’s collection.


Elements and Principles

Explore Mia’s collection to learn about the elements and principles of the visual arts.


Discover Collections

Learn about different types of art through close looking and by studying special parts of Mia’s collection.