Teaching the Arts

From Farm to Table

Go on a delicious adventure to learn about food-related artworks from around the world.

The Lasting Impression of French Impressionism

Learn what made French Impressionism so radical in the late 19th century and so influential in subsequent times.

The Art of Realism

What’s real? See for yourself how five artists represent the reality of their – or other – worlds.

Money Tree

Flying horses, monkeys, and money bring this tree to life – forever!

Identity and Prestige in Mayan Textiles

Discover how the designs of Mayan textiles from Mexico and Guatemala communicate identity and status.

Dear Diary—Never Since We Left Prague

Discover the intriguing world of the painter Leonora Carrington.

Don’t Knock Wood

Explore the versatile art of wood from around the world.

Lew Alcindor, basketball player, 61st Street and Amsterdam Avenue, New York, May 2, 1963

This photograph embodies the stories of two superstars-artist and athlete.

Making Peace

These five diverse artworks represent stories about peace

Japanese Samurai Armor

This 400-year-old Japanese suit of armor is beautiful and ready for battle.

Art and the Court of Burgundy

Explore art of medieval France in “The Mourners: Tomb Sculptures from the Court of Burgundy,” a special exhibition at the MIA, January 23 to April 17, 2011.

Bella Coola Frontlet

This ceremonial headdress was created in a rich environment and culture.

Math in Art

Discover the many ways artists use math in creating their masterpieces.

Korean Dragon Jar

A playful dragon communicates the artistry of a Korean ceramic tradition.

The Art of Identification

Discover the different ways artists identify themselves on their works of art.

Theseus Slaying the Centaur Bianor

In this sculpture by Antoine-Louis Barye, ancient Greek art meets 18th century artistic trends.

Edgar Degas

Experience the art and look at the life of Edgar Degas.

Asmat Bis Pole

Discover the two worlds of the Asmat – one of the living and one of the spirits.

Minnesota Artists

Each making art in a different way, the artists featured here all added something to the story of Minnesota.

Album Quilt

Special stitches and symbolic images tie this quilt together.

You Are What You Wear

Five artworks that show how the things you wear tell about who you are.

Miao Festival Outfit

For the Miao people of southwestern China, nothing is more valuable, or more telling, than their elaborate, handcrafted festival wear.

Benin Head

How do we honor our leaders? This sculpture is fit for a king.

Everyday Art

See how artists make the ordinary extraordinary.

The Gamblers

In most games there are winners and losers—and sometimes cheaters.

Animals in Art

Artists show their love of animals.

Japanese Kimono

Imagine wearing a stylish Japanese kimono.

Money and Trade

Spending and saving through times and places.

Golden Bird

An abstract bird soars in fanciful flight.

It’s About Time

These five artworks have time on their side.

Weather or Not

Weather is a popular topic for discussion. It’s also a favorite subject for artists.

Pedernal-From the Ranch #1

An artist shows us her favorite place through a unique lens.

Art of the Apsaalooka

Horses are honored for the changes they have brought to life on the Great Plains.

Japanese Ukiyo-e Prints

Layers of artistry form “pictures of the floating world.”

Inuit Figures

Learn about the animals of the Arctic.

Music and Art

Colorful sounds abound in these five works of art.

Paul Revere Tea Service

Discover the artistry of a famous patriot.

Tiger Pillow

A pillow like this could mean a good night of sleep – and good luck for its owner.

Goya’s Self-Portrait with Dr. Arrieta

A painter thanks his doctor for saving his life—by painting a portrait.

Henri Matisse

Drawings, paintings, sculptures, prints, and collages – Henri Matisse was a master artist like no other.

Getting from Here to There

Five artworks show us different ways to get around.

Asante Kente Cloth

A West African tradition weaves together colors, symbols and status.

Building a Museum

The dreams of Twin Cities art lovers of a century ago continue to take shape.


See what happens when artists set out to change our view of reality.

Insects in Art

Even the smallest creatures can inspire artists.

Italian Half Armor

This Renaissance soldier’s armor was designed to keep him alive—and fashionable.

Kuba Yet Belt

Shapes and patterns reinforced the power of a Kuba king in central Africa.

American Scenes

Explore the diverse American landscape through the experiences of five artists.

Lakota Winter Count

Pictures held the key to history for the Lakota people of the Great Plains.

Ink Tablet in the Form of a Tortoise

Learn why this little tortoise was such a prized possession for a Chinese scholar.

Around the World at the Time of Columbus

Let art take you on a journey around a world about to change forever.

Everything Under the Sun

Everyone, everywhere and in every time, has experienced the sun. See how ideas about the sun have appeared in art from a variety of cultures.

Medieval Illuminated Manuscripts

Discover the art of bookmaking.

Japanese Tiger and Dragon

Two powerful animals represent the forces of the universe.

American Period Rooms

Recreations of historical rooms offer a glimpse into the lives of five American families.

Virgin and Child in a Landscape

A 15th century painter saw spirituality everywhere in the world around him.

Beauford Delaney’s Untitled

Take a look at a painting that marks a transition in an artist’s career.

Color My World

Compare how five artists from around the world used color to communicate.

Chinese Scholar’s Study

Discover a place to connect with nature through poetry, painting, and music.

Village Story Blanket

An embroidered blanket tells the story of traditional Hmong life.

View of Fort Snelling

A simple landscape tells the story of Minnesota’s early history.

African Masks and Masquerades

Learn the meanings behind the masks. French translation available under “Related Activities” inside this issue.

Portrait of an Older Woman

A close look at a portrait of an unknown Roman woman reveals more than just what her face looked like.


A shirt created to honor a Plains Indian warrior tells the story of a changing way of life.

Indian Art

The art of India, birthplace of three major religions, provides an introduction to a fascinating culture.

The Skaters

Learn about Max Beckmann’s depiction of a favorite wintertime activity. German translation available under “Related Activities” inside this issue.

Art of the Ancient Americas

The people of the ancient Americas were as varied as the landscapes they lived in, but their art has some qualities in common. Spanish translation available under “Related Activities” inside this issue.

With All Due Respect

People everywhere have used art to honor someone they admire. Compare five examples to explore a variety of ways art can express respect.

Portrait of George Washington

Meet George Washington–general, president, and symbol of a nation. Spanish translation available under “Related Activities” inside this issue.

Find Yourself Face to Face

Get familiar with faces found at the museum.

A Sense of Place

What gives meaning to a place? How does an artist create a sense of place? Explore these questions through five artworks from different times and cultures.