In consideration of the health and welfare of visitors, volunteers, and staff, Mia is temporarily closed to the public. Learn more here.

Activities for Virtual Visits

Browse our selection of activities for virtual visits. You’ll find self-guided group activities with photos of Mia artworks, scavengers hunts to embark on from home, and a variety of worksheets that use Mia’s collection as a starting point for new learning. All activities can be used digitally or downloaded and printed.

Self-Guided Tour Activities

These activities, originally designed to assist self-guided groups at the museum, provide discussion prompts for teachers, parents, and other caretakers to engage your young ones while schools are closed.

Pick the theme that works best for your learners. You can ask the questions or invite learners to respond to them independently. You know what works best!

SelfGuidedTour_ArtEgypt Aprender contemplandoSelfGuidedTour_Impressionism  SelfGuidedTour_Ancient

Scavenger Hunts

These scavenger hunts, designed for use by individual students at the museum with a teacher or other adult chaperone, are fun to try from home.

Scavender Hunt_PDF_PreK-2   Scavender Hunt_PDF_Gr3-5  Scavender Hunt_PDF_Gr6+ ScavengerHunt_MiddleSchoolers

We look forward to seeing you and your students at Mia!

Group Guidelines and Responsibilities Self Guided Visits for Schools


Our activity worksheets, originally designed for use by individual students within groups at the museum, provide in-depth ways to learn with Mia’s collection online. Choose from activities that enhance writing, studying the visual elements and principles, or gaining deeper understanding of art styles, movements, practices, and collection areas.

To make this as easy as possible, we suggest some searches you can use for each worksheet. Simply enter the term in Mia’s search engine to get started!

• You Be the Judge: Renaissance Paintings Worksheet

Begin your search with the links below:

• Who Am I Worksheet

Begin your search with the link below: