Activities for Self-guided Groups

Activities and Scavenger Hunts for Self-guided Groups

Reservations are required for all school groups. Please be sure that you have reserved your self-guided tour by completing the online request to assure space is available for your group.

These activities for self-guided groups are designed to be used by a teacher or chaperone to facilitate a conversation about artworks with students. Alternatively, students can use these individually to guide looking and study as long as the chaperone remains with them at all times.

Please be sure to provide students with writing surfaces and pencils. Using walls and display cases for writing is not permitted.

Self-guided tour activities

SelfGuidedTour_ArtEgypt SelfGuidedTour_MustSee Aprender contemplando SelfGuidedTour_Impressionism  SelfGuidedTour_Ancient

Scavenger Hunts

These scavenger hunts are for use by individual students within groups visiting the museum with a teacher or other adult chaperone.

Scavender Hunt_PDF_PreK-2   Scavender Hunt_PDF_Gr3-5  Scavender Hunt_PDF_Gr6+ ScavengerHunt_MiddleSchoolers

We look forward to seeing you and your students at Mia!

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Browse our collection of activity worksheets designed to support learning at the museum. Choose from activities that enhance writing, studying the visual elements and principles, or gaining deeper understanding of art styles, movements, practices and collection areas while in the galleries.