Teacher Resources

Mia Teacher Resources include a wide range of materials for K–12 educators and learners. Curriculum materials provide lessons and content that support Minnesota standards. Activities and scavenger hunts engage learners of all ages with Mia’s collection. You can also connect with the collection through mini-podcast audio stops about many favorite artworks.

These resources can also support learning at home. Many of the resources include high resolution images with discussion questions and/or activities that connect to a wide range of topics and encourage close looking and critical thinking.

New Online Learning Resource

Arts of Asia

Whether you’re teaching in a new virtual environment or from your classroom, we’ve got you covered with resources designed to support the integration of Asian art and voices into your curriculum. Three primary units invite you to interact with Mia’s collection and community voices through critical thinking, making, and storytelling.

Explore Arts of Asia

Exhibition Guide

When Home Won't Let You Stay

Art and Migration

Explore Mia’s 2020 special exhibition with this teacher guide. Full of content, images, and questions, the guide will facilitate questions prior to your visit and once in the galleries.

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Teaching the Arts

Objects in Focus and Five Facts

Explore artworks from around the world and across time with Teaching the Arts features. Take a deep dive into individual artworks with Objects in Focus or make connections between artworks organized around a theme with Five Facts.

All Teaching the Arts resources include connections to other artworks and suggested classroom activities. Many of these activities can also be done at home!

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Learning Resources

Think Globally, Act Locally

Whether in Mia’s galleries or via a slideshow at school, students will discuss local, national, and global issues prompted by artworks from Mia’s collection.

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Native Art, Native Voices: A Resource for K-12 Learners

An integration of Native voices and art into your curriculum. Native Art, Native Voices includes information about Native cultures, both past and present, and supports Minnesota state standards for visual arts and social studies/U.S. history.

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Arts of Africa: A Learning Resource for K-5 Educators and Students

This learning resource provides six lessons with activities designed to integrate the diverse arts of Africa into your classroom.

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STEAM Lessons for Secondary Teachers and Students

These experimental STEAM lessons incorporate artworks from Mia’s collection into original lessons that can be taught in your classroom or Mia’s galleries. Where relevant, the lessons include Minnesota academic standards and the benchmarks they support.

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Mexican Prints

This provides a close-up look at 14 prints from Mia’s collection. This resource is designed to be relevant to visual arts, social studies, English language arts, Spanish language, and interdisciplinary lessons for students in grades 6 to 12.
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Activities for Virtual Visits

Connect with Mia’s collection and learn more about art through worksheets and self-guided virtual tours.

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Audio Stops

Listen and Learn

Audio stops are mini-podcasts that present many of Mia’s highlights and favorite artworks.