Five Ideas

African Masks and Masquerades

Learn the meanings behind the masks. French translation available under “Related Activities” inside this issue.

American Scenes

Explore the diverse American landscape through the experiences of five artists.

Animals in Art

Artists show their love of animals.

Around the World at the Time of Columbus

Let art take you on a journey around a world about to change forever.

Art of the Ancient Americas

The people of the ancient Americas were as varied as the landscapes they lived in, but their art has some qualities in common.

A Sense of Place

What gives meaning to a place? How does an artist create a sense of place? Explore these questions through five artworks from different times and cultures.

Building a Museum

The dreams of Twin Cities art lovers of a century ago continue to take shape.

Color My World

Compare how five artists from around the world used color to communicate.

Don't Knock Wood

Explore the versatile art of wood from around the world.

Edgar Degas

Experience the art and look at the life of Edgar Degas.

Everyday Art

See how artists make the ordinary extraordinary.

Everything Under the Sun

Everyone, everywhere and in every time, has experienced the sun. See how ideas about the sun have appeared in art from a variety of cultures.

Find yourself Face to Face

Get familiar with faces found at the museum.

From Farm to Table

Go on a delicious adventure to learn about food-related artworks from around the world.

Getting from Here to There

Five artworks show us different ways to get around.

Henri Matisse

Drawings, paintings, sculptures, prints, and collages – Henri Matisse was a master artist like no other.

Identity and Prestige in Mayan Textiles

Discover how the designs of Mayan textiles from Mexico and Guatemala communicate identity and status.

Indian Art

The art of India, birthplace of three major religions, provides an introduction to a fascinating culture.

Insects in Art

Even the smallest creatures can inspire artists.

It's About Time

These five artworks have time on their side.

Making Peace

These five diverse artworks represent stories about peace

Math in Art

Discover the many ways artists use math in creating their masterpieces.

Medieval Illuminated Manuscripts

Discover the art of bookmaking.

Minnesota Artists

Each making art in a different way, the artists featured here all added something to the story of Minnesota.

Money and Trade

Spending and saving through times and places.

Music and Art

Colorful sounds abound in these five works of art.


See what happens when artists set out to change our view of reality.

The Art of Identification

Discover the different ways artists identify themselves on their works of art.

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The Art of Realism

What’s real? See for yourself how five artists represent the reality of their worlds.

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The Lasting Impression of French Impressionism

Learn what made French Impressionism so radical in the late 19th century and so influential in subsequent times.

Weather or Not

Weather is a popular topic for discussion. It’s also a favorite subject for artists.

With All Due Respect

People everywhere have used art to honor someone they admire. Compare five examples to explore a variety of ways art can express respect.

You Are What You Wear

Five artworks that show how the things you wear tell about who you are.